8 Profitable Investment Ideas And Opportunities In Africa

As the world is rapidly advancing daily, it also provides lots of investment opportunities and Africa is not exempted. Some of this investment opportunities in Africa are legit while others are not.

Most of these legitimate investment opportunities are not widely available. Among many investment opportunities in our world today, our main focus in this article is to present 8 outstanding investment opportunities that are legit.

These opportunities available are for wise investors who may want to explore and maximize profits.

8 Profitable Investment Ideas And Opportunities In Africa


1… Agriculture Investment

Agriculture has grown to become a sector that can never be valued less anytime around the world. The success and sustainability of any economy lies on  agriculture

Any country with abundance of food produce as a result of investing in agriculture is truly a wealth country.

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So we can simply say that There is wealth in Agriculture, and with so many opportunities in the Agricultural sector, investing into Agriculture is a good decision any investor can make.

An economist can explain further that the return on investments is usually around 150 – 200%(ROI)

2…Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrencies are otherwise known as electronic currencies. This digital currencies are used for digital transactions and commerce

Some of this currencies include, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tron, Dodgecoin. The value of these currencies are on the increase steadily. One Bitcoin today is around $50,000 and it is still rising.

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Investing in crypto and allowing it to grow overtime can actually generate a lot of fortune for you, but you need more extensive research in other to know the best Digital currency to invest in.

3…Investing In Real Estate Business

The real estate business is a booming sectorin Africa and around the world. One thing common with Lands, buildings, and other landed properties is that they do not reduce in value, they keep appreciating.

Investing into lands and houses for rent is a long term investment that is sure to guarantee a steady income stream for you and your children.

Other profitable investment opportunities include:

4…Education Investment

5…Investing In Gold

6…Investing Into Renewable energy opportunities

7…Trading Forex with an experienced broker

8…Investing in ICT and Financial Technology (FinTech)


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There are quite a number of platforms where one can invest in, But before throwing your money around, you need to carefully study the idea and if possible, get someone experienced in that field to coach you before you ever begin.

investment opportunities in Africa was written by Prince Wilson


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