Boost Your Immune System from Coronavirus or Any Other Germ

Understanding how your immune system differs from that of your neighbor, brother, or spouse is the first step in overcoming any virus, flu, bacterial infection, or coronavirus. This is critical because your immune system is what prevents contagious bacteria from setting up shop and getting you sick, preferring instead to land and multiply on a more vulnerable person.
Washing your hands, coughing in your elbow, fist bumps, and hand sanitizer are all good habits to develop, but it’s your immune system that ultimately protects you.

Why do you think that if one person gets sick on an aircraft, in a classroom, or in a house, the entire plane, classroom, or family isn’t affected?

It’s Your Immune System That’s the Problem! It’s a personal choice. Consider it your own personal security team protecting your body. It produces antibodies, white blood cells, and lymphocytes in order to kill foreign invaders. The question is whether or not your security team is properly manned. Or are you operating at a 75, 60, or even lower level of efficiency?

What factors influence the effectiveness of your immune system? Rest, proper nutrition, and stress management!

What’s sabotaging your immune system? Too little sleep, too much fun or sun, too much stress, and a lack of good nutrition are all factors that contribute to a lack of good nutrition.

Rest and sleep are simple things to accomplish, but if you don’t do them, don’t expect your immune system to keep you as germ-free as you’d like to be.

More vitamins or some magical drink aren’t enough for good nutrition. Your acid-alkaline balance should be examined. Is your body becoming more acidic or alkaline as a result of your diet? The more acidic you are, the more prone to illness you are, but the more alkaline you are, the less prone to illness you are.

Remember that viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms and pathogens thrive in an acidic environment, but not so well in an alkaline one. This is also true of cancer cells.

What causes you to be acidic? Soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, coffee, and, yes, protein shakes are all acceptable options. Your processed grains, white flour, and white sugar! Most of your fast, handy junk foods and snacks are pre-packaged. Not to mention beer and other alcoholic beverages.

What causes you to become alkaline? Minerals! Minerals abound in fruits and vegetables. “I give you all the green plants and fruits to eat,” doesn’t it state in Genesis? They also contain a variety of other key minerals and phytochemicals that aid in the strengthening of your immune system.

Is it true that you consume 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day? If you aren’t, a green drink or a capsule formula is the quickest and easiest approach to become alkaline and lower your risk of illness. If you do this once or twice a day, you will quickly increase your body’s alkalinity while simultaneously giving your body with many nutrients that your diet lacks.

Perhaps that’s why they’re called supplements: you don’t receive enough of them in your regular diet and must supplement.

Finally, there’s Stress and Dis-Stress, which damages your immune system! So, learn to manage your stress, and keep in mind that stress is more than simply worry, dread, and anxiety. Sleep deprivation is distressing. Exercising is a stressor! Is your body capable of withstanding the physical strain you’re putting on it?

Not all forms of exercise are stress-relieving! The intensity of your workout decides whether it is stress-relieving or stressful.

Let’s not forget about all the Dis-Stress, as I like to call it, that we put on our bodies by eating the incorrect foods. If we eat the wrong foods, our blood sugar levels will fluctuate throughout the day, and if we miss meals or eat late. This causes your stress hormone cortisol to increase, impairing your immune system.

The other unnecessary stress we put on our bodies comes from the irritation and inflammation our tummies experience when we eat things that we know aggravate them. Inflammation results from this.

What is our body’s reaction? To minimize inflammation, your adrenal glands create more cortisol. More cortisol is coursing through your body, weakening your immune system once more.

Your metabolism, hormones, cardiovascular system, and so on will all be thrown off by too much stress and adrenal over-load.

So, if you want to boost your immune system, eat alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables or a green drink) and reduce stress and dis-stress in your life! More vitamins are beneficial, but you must also stop performing the things that weaken your system. It’s a game of positives and negatives!



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