Business Ideas For Retirees

To go into retirement after serving for a number of years in the public and private sectors is a blessing. Do you know the number of people their appointments were terminated or died? It is not a sentence to sickness or death but many people are making it look so. This is because there were no plans on ground on what to do after retirement. In this post we shall discuss some of the business ideas for retirees.

For someone who used to wake up early, move about from house to office from one office to the other: who was not used to sitting down in one place:. All of a sudden after retirement the person becomes idle, sits down on one spot to watch African magic and the rest of them. In no distance time the person will become sick. Some of those illnesses includes: stroke, hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, swollen feet etc.

This can be prevented by making plans ahead, and creating Business Ideas. you don’t have to wait until you reach retirement age before making plans or after retirement. Every adult needs to plan for old age not only Government or private sector workers alone. As long as you are involved in one or more things that bring money start making plans for tomorrow. Are you a trader, business person, office worker, sole proprietor etc. we are all in this matter.


Business idea for pensioners

  • Consultancy
  • Provision shops
  • Farming
  • Water business
  • Sub distribution business
  • Teaching
  • Day Care/Home Lesson
  • Volunteer Work
  • Trade
  • Middleman
  • Storage Business
  • Loan Business
  • Charcoal business
  • Selling of drinks
  • Ice block business


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These businesses are not supposed to be strenuous but something that can keep you busy or move about.


You don’t need to cultivate an expanse of land any available space in you compound or where you are Living is okay for farming. Don’t also say you are living in a compound that has interlock because it is not an acceptable excuse. If you are living in a cemented environment you use sack to plant by now you must have heard about sack farming.


If you have space enough to put 20-100 sack bags you will not only keep yourself busy but have means of income. You can plant any kind of vegetable in the sack bags. It could be a type of vegetable or different kinds. Such vegetables include; okra, ugu, pepper, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, Ewedu etc. You can also plant fruit crops (short term): cucumber, watermelon, carrot etc. Other crops to plant are cowpea, maize etc.



Trade Business Idea for Retirees

It could be any trade you have interest in. such as: clothes, petty trading, buying and selling, grain storage, pap business etc.



Depending on your location you can be a middle person for buyers of certain products. Especially for exporters or distributors. If you are in the North you can source for crops like: beniseed, moringa, cashew nuts, grains. etc for exporters. When you link them up with buyers they will pay you commission. Sometimes you can add money to the original price and sell at your own price to buyers.


Selling of Drinks

Get a shop in a visible environment and start setting drinks in wholesale and retail prices.


Storage Business Idea for Retirees

Storage business is a good entrepreneurial idea for retirees. You can store red palm oil and resell at a later time for profits. Melon can be bought during on season July and resell during off season from March to June.

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