How To Be A True And Amazing Friend

Over the years, one of the best gifts of life we have witnessed overtime is the gift of a true and genuine friendship. Being a true and amazing friend simply means the care and genuine effort you show to your friends through being a good listener, having quality time when they are around and lots more..

All these activities really go a long way in solidifying friendship overtime. Many of us desire to have good friends all around us, that’s not bad, but have we ever thought of being that true friend we all wish to have. I personally believe that if you must have a true and amazing friend, then you need to become one.

So what does it take to become a true friend?

In this article, i will be listing some great qualities of a true friend, while you learn these tips, do not forget to teach your friends how they too can become better.

Here are 9 Practical Ways On How To Be a True Friend:

  1. Always be Honest. Everyone like a person who is honest, truthful and reliable. Nobody likes a friend who can play around with lies. Always be truthful with your friends no matter how hard or bitter the truth maybe.
  2.  Don’t live a fake life. You will eventually turn your friends off when you try to live a fake life just to impress them. Always be real and stay true to who you are. Those that like you will remain. Just be confident in yourself, be yourself and your will attract many friends.
  3. Be a good listener. When your friends are around you and sharing things with you, avoid anything that may distract you from paying attention to them and taking interest in every detail that they may share. When you listen attentively, it shows them that you care about their feelings and they will always confide in you.
  4. Be a secret keeper. You friend will see you as a genuine true friend and trustworthy if you guard their secrets like its yours. Also for you to build trust, also share your own secrets.
  5. Friends make out time. Knowing that time is one of the greatest gifts God has given to mankind, sharing it with a friend gives back that time and a true friend will take your time to develop and mature into a real friend.
  6. Be an encourager. Choose the best way to encourage your friend because everyone needs it one way or another
  7. True Friends are loyal. Anyone can make mistakes in life, that should not be a time to abandon your friend because of a mistake they have fallen into. Always be the in good times and also in bad times.
  8. Willingly work out any conflict or issues that may arise as your friendship and relationship grows. Let your friend know that you are ready to work it out with them to save your friendship. Conflicts and challenges are normal, it should not be a gateway to exit.
  9. Be a watchman over your friend. When you see your friend going towards the wrong direction in life, or doing some crazy stuff, be there to help them realign and become better.

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