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How to Become a Medical Doctor in Nigeria

Doctor in Nigeria

The medical field is certainly the most sought after field for most Nigerian students career-wise. Every year, applicants go to JAMB offices with medicine and surgery as their desired course selection on their JAMB forms. In this article, we’ll give you hints on how to become a medical doctor in Nigeria.

For some, this selection is powered by the productive nature of the field medical doctors are also among the top paid specialists in the world and for others, there is an honest desire to save lives as doctors.

The competitive nature of the course selection, as well as the strictness of the medical profession means that it is usually not easy to obtain admission into Nigeria universities to study medicine and surgery.

Most students in secondary schools are now gearing up for JAMB registration, where they’ll fill in medicine and surgery as their preferred course option, and follow the paths of those that have studied the course.

How to Become a Medical Doctor in Nigeria

Requirements To Study Medicine And Surgery In Nigeria.

A medical degree is the only thing that makes eligible for you to work as a medical doctor in Nigeria and anyplace in the world. To do this, you’ll need to go pass through the education system in Nigeria from crèche, secondary level then advance to the university.

SSCE and utme – Your trip in becoming a medical doctor begins with your secondary school teaching. You must be done with your secondary school education by successfully clearing your SSCE examinations (WAEC, NECO, GCE) & attain the mandatory number of credits in all your important subjects such as Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology It is important to note that every university across Nigeria has a required UTME cut-off mark for medicine and surgery, with the range being around 300-400.

Gaining admission through direct entry and remedial programme:

Apart from UTME, you can be given admission to study medicine in Nigeria by direct entry or a remedial/pre-degree program.

For the direct entry application, you’ll need to have studied a medicine-related course in any other higher Institution of learning to be offered admission.

For remedial programmes, it is necessary to take some prerequisite medical courses and go for a test during the course of one year at the university you’re in search of admission into.

The moment you are done with the remedial course, you’ll be granted admission into the university to study medicine and surgery.

Medicine and surgery is a 6-years degree programme and during the course of the 6 years, you’ll be studying other courses that are important to the medical field.

You’re expected to pass all your courses successfully before you’ll be awarded your degree and operational license.

First year (100L) coursework

Typically, in the first year, you’ll be taking courses that are more or less a reminder of some of the stuff you did in secondary school, plus some added workload.

You’ll study courses in chemistry, biology, physics, zoology & mathematics. There will also be distinct practical courses in chemistry, physics, and biology.

It is necessary that you take and pass exams in every of these courses. If you should fail any of the courses, you must repeat your entire first year.

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Pre-clinical period (200L-300L)

After the first year, you’ll move to your 200L, which is commonly referred to as the pre-clinical period you’ll be doing only medical courses in anatomy, embryology, histology, physiology, biochemistry, and community medicine.

You’ll also take practical classes in gross anatomy where you are expected to carry out dissections on cadavers. The aim of these courses is to train you on the regular body roles of the human body.

You’ll not be made to write any exam in your second year, even though there will be sequence of tests. Your following examination will come up after the pre-clinical period in your 300L.


This exam will be the first professional exam. It is called the second M.B.B.S professional examination, and is a mixture of all you’ve done all through your pre-clinical period from 200L-300L.

Clinical period (400L-600L)  

From the fourth year to the sixth year, you’ll be allocated with clinical accomplishments, and lectures at this phase mostly take place in the teaching hospital of the university.

In 400L, you’ll take courses in pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, medicine and surgery. After the fourth year, it is compulsory to write your third M.B.B.S examination before you’ll proceed to 500L.

In 500L, you’ll be take courses in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and community medicine. Under community medicine, you’ll be mandated to draft a medical project on any topic you desire, and carry out a field act.


Under this course, you’ll be required to clerk a patient, carry out tests and some laboratory inquiries on the patient, as well as recommend possible treatment(s) to whatsoever illness you detect.

At the end of the academic year, when you’ve successfully passed this examination, you’ll be given an M.B.B.S degree and inaugurated into the medical profession and given a license to work as a doctor in Nigeria and any place in the world.

The M.B.B.S degree is equal to a Master’s degree in Nigeria. since medical schools do not make use of Grade points, there are no First Class, Second or Third Class degrees given in medicine.

All students who pass out from medical schools in Nigeria are given the same degree. Once you are done with your 6-year degree program, you can advance for your internship at any MCDN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) hospital you desire.


The medical career is an honorable one. Doctors all over the world are tasked with the load of saving lines and guaranteeing the health of people in their several countries.

The work they’re loaded with is the purpose they’re very much appreciated and loved. Becoming a doctor is nevertheless a difficult task. The extensive period of study, many exams, and bulky workload, however it is still worth it.

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How To Find And Secure Scholarships Abroad

Scholarships Abroad

If you have  a plan to study abroad, then you should know that the cost of living, tuition fees and other logistics can quickly skyrocket your education budget. Fortunately, Scholarships abroad and opportunities around the world has been an essential support system to thousands of students who may have financial needs.

This article will answer loads of questions like:

  1. The  meaning of scholarship, grants and study loans

  2. Who is eligible to apply?

  3. The process of applying for a scholarship

  4. how to search and find scholarships abroad

  5. Various types of scholarship available


The Meaning of Scholarship?

The Cambridge dictionary defines scholarship as an amount of money released by a college, school, organization or university to pay for a persons studies with great potentials but less finance. In some cases, scholarships have been made more flexible and accessible for all interested students to apply despite their status financially or academically.

Knowing the difference between scholarships and grants

The both may be seen as a financial gift aid, this simply means that the money given to the student is not required back. Grants are awarded based on needs, mostly given to young people who are unable to pay for their study cost. Sometimes these scholarships are awarded to students based on some abilities like, athletic, academic or artistic.

What about study loans

Study loans is another kind of financial aid that requires the beneficiary to pay back. This can be a curse or a blessing sometimes, because most students end up not been able to pay back their student loans. For example, The United States has recorded 1.5 trillion in study loan deb.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anybody eligible can apply as long as you are able to meet the requirements of the School or institution. It is important to note that scholarships vary for different students. Do make sure you check the application requirements, deadlines and different offers either for local, international students or both.

Listed below are some of the most common scholarship requirements you need to know before you apply:

  • Application or registration form
  • Personal essay or motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • Acceptance letter from a college, university or any educational institution
  • official proof of financial statements
  • Evidence of your unique abilities in academics or athletic achievements

The process of applying for a scholarship

As soon as you find scholarships abroad and you want to apply, you need to start getting prepared with you documents. Every application has a process just like this:

  1. complete an online application form to register for the scholarship.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox, check and confirm your application.
  3. You need to write an essay or personal statement about yourself. You can find samples on the internet but  avoid plagiarism and be original.
  4. Official evidence of your achievements in your academics, artistic or athletic achievement. Also check if there will be need for translation
  5. official proof of financial statements from your nationality is also important
  6. Go through and proofread all your documents before sending to the scholarship provider to avoid errors that may disqualify you.
  7. Submit acceptance letter from a college, university or any educational institution. Note that you will need to confirm that you will actually begin studies before a scholarship is given to you.
  8. It’s now time to wait for the results

how to search and find scholarships abroad

One of the best place to search for scholarships abroad is from your favourite university or college. Some educational institutions and representatives may also have something useful and relevant that can help you secure a spot.

You don’t need to limit your search only on school websites, there are other information online that can be a great resource for you. Take note that most websites are not up to date with contents so you need to keep an eye on relevant websites that can help you in your search for the right scholarship program. Here are some few resources that can help you:

  • SCHOLARSHIP PORTAL . COM – This website contains a list of over 5,000 scholarships, grants and educational opportunities
  • SCHOLARSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT – Scholarship for Dev website provides financial resource aid and programmes which is mostly focused on students from developing countries
  • THE EU OFFICIAL SCHOLARSHIP PAGE – This website provides you with lists of scholarships that are available in the EU
  • SCHOLARSHIPS . COM – provides you with a database of over 3.5 million scholarships opporunities and grants

You can also visit Official scholarships and grant website for individual countries here. They also offer great information about scholarships abroad.

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Thank you for reading. We hope this guide will help you with scholarship abroad. Let us know what you think…

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Major 15 Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

Major 15 Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

The significance of real estate companies cannot be exaggerated when it comes to procurement, leasing, renting or selling of a house or property. In this article, we will be viewing the major 15 real estate companies in Nigeria

If you’re in search of buying, or renting a house or property then you absolutely need the services of a real estate company because they provide the best offer and advice when it has to do with properties.

Real estate companies give top discount when it has to do with house or property you want to rent or buy and that is a benefit to people who are on a budget. The aim of any good real estate company is to guarantee that their customers are really happy.

The finest services brings in other customers and no real estate company is ready to jeopardize the loss of a massive business by rendering services that clients are not pleased with.

Major 15 Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

The following are the major real estate companies in Nigeria in no particular order. They may not be the best, but they are surely the most common real estate companies in aspect of coverage, client base and investments.

  1. Kings Court Realtors

This real estate company gives professional real estate services in Nigeria. Their services mainly comprise of rental, development, management and auctions of properties in Nigeria.

This company also gives professional guidance on procurement, trading, advertising and investing in residential property. If you’re in search of a residential, commercial or new development property, you should consider King Court Realtors as you would not be disappointed when it comes to their great services.

For more details, you can visit their website: or reach them through the following:


Phone: 01-2714965

2. Adron Homes and Properties Limited

This is a real estate company in Nigeria that gives clients the best reduced charges on landed properties. The company is dedicated to deliver the best housing and property management for the populace in Nigeria regardless of their class.

This is a fast rising estate company in Nigeria that has being known for their countless customer service and the company has lands in places like Lekki, Ikorodu, Shimawa, Abuja, etc.

Contact details



Phone: +234 807 701 8418 &+234 813 086 4884

3. Jide Taiwo & Co

This is perhaps one of the oldest real estate companies in Nigeria. Notwithstanding its 40 years of existence, the company has maintained its importance and it is among the best real estate company in Nigeria.

Jide Taiwo & Co offers services to corporate organizations, institutions, individuals, aviation, rail and marine industries. The company has 20 branches across Nigeria and is popularly known for handling huge collections and complex.

The company is extremely supported by both the public and private sectors because of its immaculate service and it deals in project and facility organization.

Jide Taiwo & Co services also range to sales and occupancy of properties such as fuel stations, malls, hotels, commercial assets, etc.

Contact details



Phone: 07052090001, 07052090005

4. Landmark Corporate Realty Ltd

This company is just one of the biggest real estate investment firms in Nigeria whose primary objective is to offer competitive and great real estate solutions to their customers.

Landmark Corporate Realty Ltd focuses in estate design and building, real estate development, real estate management & investment and real estate brokerage and advertising services.

Contact details



Phone: +2347014614462

5. Cadwell Limited

This company has bren in existencefor over 20 years, & it is one of the top real estate companies in Nigeria. Cadwell mostly dwells on home, offices and luxury apartments.

The company grants great services to its customers and also caters to a high-end clientele. They focus in facility care, advertising and sales of real estate products and property development and management. it has properties in places such as Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

Contact details



Phone: +2349090777080

6. Primrose Development Company

This company has been in existence for over 3 decades and it is popular for developing tailor made and advertising innovative sales methods for their merchandise.

The foremost aims of this real estate company comprise viability examination, identification of real estate chances, creating design and project management. They have properties in places like Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki.

Contact details



Phone:  +234 (1) 764 4000

7. Cappa & D’Alberto Plc

This company is the oldest real estate company in Nigeria that has been in existence since 1932. Their offers are not short of the best to which their customers can happily attest.

The company provides civil engineering and building services and has finished a lot of building projects. Some of the works completed by this real estate company include: Tafawa Balewa Square, National Stadium Surulere,

Contact details



Phone: +234 0902 322 0000

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8. Primewaterview Limited

Primewaterview Limited is one of the key players in the growth of luxury properties in Nigeria particularly in areas like Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki. They help their clients in acquisition and sale of real estate properties.

The company is progressively spreading its hands to other parts of Nigeria as it is acquiring fame in the property market. Primewaterview limited focuses in design construction, project management and land survey service

Contact details



Phone: +234 1-2799486-87

9. Property Max Results Limited

Property Max Results Limited is among the rmajor 15 real estate companies in Nigeria  and its offers include property assessment, renting clarifications & property development etc.

The company offers the most devoted, enlightening and dependable services and their major aim is to guarantee that their customers are greatly content.

Contact details



Phone: +2349093034352

10. Pazino Engineering & Construction Company Limited

This is a real estate company to look at for in the growth and organization of property business of the Nigerian market. They provide excellent services and guarantee that their customers acquire the best.

Contact details


Phone: +234 803 566 3350

11. Cortts Real Estate and Property Development Company

This is among the major real estate company in Nigeria that grants promising solutions on property development such as acquisition and sale of landed properties and houses as well as estate assessment.

The company provides consulting and development as well as professional property marketing services to their prospective clients & the services of this company is not only restricted to Lagos

They also spread their facilities to other parts of the country & they have properties in places such as Victoria Island and Ikoyi. They are recognized to be experts in project management.

Contact details



Phone: +2348099934602

12. Talion Top Quality Homes

Talion top quality homes is a company that offers excellent services when it comes to acquisitions, sales and growth of landed properties.

Contact details



Phone: 0803 815 6309

13. Fine and Country

This is an important real estate company in Nigeria that offers real estate counseling, investigation and examination. They have acquired a lot of honors for their top notch facilities.

They have also worked with various retailers, designers, purchasers and shareholders that offer huge real estate investment.

Contact details

Address:  Number10 Onisiwo road Ikoyi.


Phone: +2348096000027

14. Eagle’s Post Properties

This real estate company functions in Osun State and help their customers in obtaining properties that are reasonable and up to standard.

Contact details


Phone: 0813 311 7410

15. DPKay Homes & Property Ltd

The DPKay homes & property ltd focuses in structure and construction, smart home technology, property development and sales services.

The company is a trustworthy multi awarding real estate Company in Nigeria and recognized for providing outstanding services to their customers.

Contact details


Phone: +234 903 000 9864


With the list of real major 15 real estate companies in Nigeria gathered in this article, owning a property in Nigeria will no longer be a problem. If you’re searching to rent, purchase or sell a landed property, these real estate companies will grant you the best facilities.

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