How To Begin Bed Spread Business In Nigeria

Bed spreads are materials spread on bed for comfort and also for the beautification of the bedroom. The materials used in producing bed spread can also be used in producing boxers On this post you will learn how to begin bed spread business in Nigeria.

You can contemplate doing the two perhaps in due course. Bed spread business is not common but very lucrative. Often times you see people using the same color of bedroom wall as the color of their bed spread. It can also be called bed cover.

Before now domestic manufacturing of bed spread was limited in quality, variety and style. While foreign bed spread where available in different designs and quality.

Now in Nigeria we are blending out great quality and lovely types of bed spread. If you place foreign bed spread side by side with the ones produced locally it will be difficult to spot the difference. You can sell your bed spread without opening a physical store.

If you are still wondering if bed spread business will sale take a look at; the number of persons getting married on a daily basis, they will need bed spread for their bed.

Numerous people have more than 5 beds and they will all make use of bed spread. People will constantly change their bed spread weekly, and will want to use changed bed spread for new transformation.

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How To Begin Bed Spread Business In Nigeria

You have to choose on the scale to begin with. But it is advisable to begin from small scale manufacturing before advancing to large scale bed spread manufacturing.

You have to sketch a business plan and include all parts into it. This should contain :

  • Capital
  • Quantity of bed spread to produce for a start
  • The quantity of machines to purchase
  • How to advertise the bed spread
  • Profit in view etc.

There are numerous bed spread business opportunities. You can purchase fabric materials for specialists in tailoring business to sew them for you.

In case you want to produce the bed spread yourself, then you have to acquire the basics. It is not hard just a day or two is sufficient to begin cutting materials into bed spread.

Another way is to go to the market and choose already sewn beds spread then purchase fabric materials and give to a tailor to sew pillow cases for you. Otherwise you can venture into bed spread business as a wholesaler or retailer.

Reasons You Should Begin Bed Spread Business

  • It is very profitable
  • You can begin with small amount of money
  • The demand is high because population is increasing daily
  • You can begin at the luxury of your house

Materials Needed For Bed Spread Manufacturing Business

  • Cotton fabrics
  • Threads of different colors
  • Nylon
  • Machines
  • Foot stitching machine
  • Double needle stitching
  • machine with motor
  • Embroidery machine
  • Over lock machine
  • Stickers
  • Ironing machine
  • Cotton, linen, silk, rayon

Procedures In Making Bed Spread


This involves cutting of the fabric materials. You have to cut the materials according to the size of the bed spread you want to produce. It will be wise for you to stitch various sizes because we have various bed sizes.

Pattern Making

Produce bed spread with different pattern so that your customers will have choices. If you leave them with no choice they will try a different manufacturer for procurement.


The next thing to do is to create beautiful designs on the bed spread. Brand it very flamboyant and good-looking to the eyes, in other to invite more clients.


Style your sewing immaculately do not let threads hang around. The sewing should be straight.


Package your bed spread in a transparent nylon, it is better that way because people will easily see how beautiful the product is. After packaging you can place a tag on it indicating your business name and number. Make use of a good and unforgettable name.

Types Of Bed Spread

  • King size with four pillow covers
  • Double size with two size pillow covers
  • Student size

Types Of Pillow Covers

  • Square pillow
  • Round pillow
  • Candy-shaped
  • Rectangular pillow
  • Patterned pillow
  • Decorative pillow
  • Everyday pillow
  • Axed neck pillow


Each business has its own challenge so also is bed spread business.

  • When you mistakenly make an error of using substandard materials to produce your bed spread you will have to push through your bed spread business because you will lose clients.
  • A different challenge is instability in the costs of materials. This will always shake your sales particularly if clients have decided on how much they want to spend on bed spread.
  • Numerous bed spreads that are sold at an inexpensive rate in the market
  • Clients income determines largely on how regular bed spreads are procured
  • Economical state of the country is another factor. Rise in foreign exchange also rises the price of the materials. Nigeria is yet to begin fabric Industries that can make the capacity of resources desired to produce sufficient bed spread that will meet demands.


There are numerous ways to advertise bed spread. Move to schools specifically hostels and sell them to students in higher Institutions and also hotels.

Trade the bed spread in an open market or in various markets. Locate a shop and exhibit your bed spread business. Publicize your bed spread online and draw many clients

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