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How To Begin Foot Wear Business In Nigeria

Foot Wear Business

Footwear is one of these necessities that we can’t do without as long as there’s always a place to go. Beginning a footwear business in Nigeria is easy and it’s one-act that will guarantee a smooth arrival of millions that comes without any disruption or whatsoever. On this post, you will be taught on how to begin foot wear business in Nigeria

Footwear’s are worn regardless of what the event is, even when there appears to be none. The victory of this business will involve laying in more work in growing your client base and distributing to your target market. The more you distribute, the greater the profits.

Fashion is the order of the day, if you can create incredible wears at an inexpensive rate than your opponents; you will rise so high in this business. It can be started by anyone, both wealthy and poor. Nobody has a justification about not getting money.

How To Begin Foot Wear Business In Nigeria

  1. Get Trained

Before you embark on this business, it’s very vital that you obtain some training first. The best practice here in Nigeria is remaining in custody of somebody for some time before going forward to establish your business. This is called apprenticeship and it comes with lots of benefits.

For example, it’s mandatory that your master get to pay you some huge amount of money to start your business, which will no doubt cut down on the capital needed to start. Although this is done when your years of training is completed.

When you have a vast capital to invest in this business, you will surely choose employing skilled staffs, craftsmen and other workers that will assist in production.

Engaging skilled and artistic fingers doesn’t prevent you from acquiring basic training on footwear making.

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  1. Business Location

This has to be put into serious consideration; this is where the future of the business lies. You don’t need to position the business in an isolated environment where there’s no publicity. You need a lively setting with loads of traffic. Acquiring the right business location add to about eighty percent success of every business venture.

When searching for a location, consider the following.

  • If the road to my establishment nearby?
  • Is it nearer to my target viewers?
  1. Your Vocation

This has to be clear too in fact, getting this right will make aiming your prospective clients easy. You want to be making great design for ladies, kids or guys footwear?

Whichever niche you want to go into, research deep within and become a professional in that arena. be a Jack of all trade. Clients will always go for a professional than a Jack of a trade when there’s a choice.

  1. Raw Materials And Equivalents

If you have undergone training under a professional footwear maker, you will be familiar with the tools and raw resources required for each footwear production. Those tools may be among the gifts used as an appreciation from your master.

As a small-scale beginner, you don’t need heavy machines for production. You can use simple implements since it involves cutting of materials, sticking each part together and creating the heels or flattening the edges.

It won’t be such a difficult task as it is something you’ve been trained to do. When you’ve make to an extent that u want, you can transfer to the warehouse or distribute straight to the market.

  1. Promotion

This is the time to develop your client base by using every marketing policy in business. The first step in doing this is by labeling your product. You can get an expert logo and have them produced in all your merchandises and assets. There are unfailing means to promote your products which will offer you a head start.

You can either run a TV, radio FM or newspaper categorized advertisements. Good thing is they are inexpensive to afford. You can also decide to have an online recognition by creating a page. Most footwear business persons normally go to the brokers and strike a deal.

Beginning a footwear business in Nigeria is not wealth-exhaustive; nor would you be driven into breaking a bank. Before you commence this business, draft a business plan.

Although this should be after your training. You don’t write or plan on something you know nothing about. It’s easier to grow as a small-scale to a large-scale footwear producer.. This will enrich you with all the experiences needed in the business.

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How To Download Youtube Videos To Phone

how to download youtube videos to phone

Everybody desires to download their sought after video into a phone gallery. But when you download YouTube video, the video will display only in the library of the YouTube app. It doesn’t display in your phone gallery. On this post, we’ll be looking at how to download youtube videos to phone.

Just follow these methods to save YouTube videos into your phone gallery. To enable you play it any time you want from offline without the necessity for an internet connection.

How To Download Youtube Videos To Phone

  1. Open the YouTube app on your Android mobile.
  2. Search for your desired video. After locating your desired video, click on it. Then it begins to play.
  3. You can notice numerous selections like, dislike, share, download and save. There are two share icons, one is at the top right of the YouTube video player display and another one is beneath the YouTube video player. You can use any one of that share icon.

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  1. Click on the share icon and you’ll observe different share logos on the screen. Beside the share logos, there is a copy link logo.
  2. Click on the copy link logo, and the link of the chosen video will be copied.
  3. Open the save from website with chrome.
  4. You will observe the search bar like paste your video link here in the above figure. Then place the link of your preferred video which was gotten from the youTube in the URL .
  5. After pasting the link in the search bar, the link will be administered and your wanted video will be displayed on that page.
  6. Lastly, select the video feature you need from the provided list and tick on the download selection. Within little minutes, your wanted video will be saved to your phone gallery instead of youTube downloads.

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How To Prepare Delicious Ofe Owerri Soup

How To Prepare Delicious Ofe Owerri Soup

Ofe Owerri is one of the most expensive Nigerian soups native to the people of Owerri, Imo state. It is a representation of the Owerri people of the Eastern part Nigeria. On this post, you’ll learn how to prepare delicious Ofe owerri soup.

Ofe Owerri means ‘Owerri soup’ and the people of Owerri are so delighted of this rich and exclusive soup that songs have been presented about it. Ofe Owerri signifies wealth by the amount and quality of the ingredients used. Ofe Owerri worth all the publicity and admiration because it is delightful to the maximum.

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How To Prepare Delicious Ofe Owerri Soup


  • 1 big sized dry fish
  • 1 huge sized stockfish
  • Pumpkin leaves
  • Okazi leaves
  • 3 tablespoon of palm oil
  • 5 medium-sized ede
  • 1 tablespoon of ogiri
  • 1 onion
  • 3 tablespoon of ground crayfish
  • 3 teaspoon of pepper
  • 4 cubes of seasoning
  • Salt
  • Water


  1. Begin by steaming your cocoyam (Ede) first.
  2. In a different pot, cook your meat, stock fish and dry fish, with three cubes of seasoning, onions, salt with a little quantity of water at first to let the meat soak up the ingredients.
  3. Then pour a substantial quantity of water that will make up the size of the soup.
  4. While the meat heats, take out your cocoyam which must be tender, and pound.
  5. Once the meat is soft, pour your palm oil and ede together as the palm oil allows the cocoyam melts.
  6. Add your crayfish, ogiri, pepper and the Okazie leaves then allow it cook for a while.
  7. Taste to know if any item is not signified in the food, before adding pumpkin leave (ugu).
  8. Let it boil for a minute,
  9. Serve with whatever swallow of your choice.

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How To Prepare Ukwa (African Breadfruit)

How To Prepare Ukwa (African Breadfruit)

Ukwa also known as (African breadfruit) is certainly one of the prevalent foods in Nigeria; it is a popular delicacy in Igboland. On this post, we will learn how to prepare Ukwa (African Breadfruit).

African breadfruit or Ukwa pod is gotten from the large ukwa tree. The weighty Ukwa pod drops on the ground and is sort out to obtain the delicious ukwa seeds.


  • 6 cups of ukwa
  • Potash (akanwu) teaspoon
  • Fresh pepper (about 5)
  • Ogiri (optional) (a local ingredient)
  • Maggi (half cube)
  • Salt to taste
  • Red oil (100ml)
  • 2 cups of maize.

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How To Prepare Ukwa (African Breadfruit)


  • Rinse the ukwa seeds, It is essential to wash severally in a bowl with a lot of clean water. Use a plastic sieve to ensure that every unseen tiny stones are sorted out.
  • Fix a cooking pot on heat, pour 5 cups of water and commence cooking the ukwa (breadfruit). Once it boils, dissolve the potash in one cup of water, filter in the clear water and pour the potash dispose the residue.
  • It is necessitating to note that Ukwa does not always get soft (done) without using the substance (potash).
  • There is a different item that aids the same function as potash; it is in form of ash obtained from burnt palm fronds. It is locally referred to as Ngu and is a common choice amongst the Igbos.
  • If you want to make Ukwa with Ngu apply the same process/method as though you are using potash, melt in a cup of water and let it dissolve for a minute before sieving.
  • Boil till the Ukwa till it is soft for eating and you can serve. Certain persons prefer to enhance a pinch of salt while certain part of Igbos doesn’t use salt for this particular recipe.

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