How To Begin Logistics Business In Nigeria

Logistics business is a type of business that has to do with procurement, delivery, list, repairs, and replacement of personnel materials. In this post we’ll be learn how to begin logistics business in Nigeria.

Logistics business includes getting merchandises and facilities from a dealer or producer to a client. It is different from setting up a courier company & virtually all the Ecommerce stores rely on logistics for active delivery.

That is why when you hear that a specific online store is reducing staffs it is mostly in the area of dispatch deliveries. This can be obvious with the way the rebuild their organizations.

Tools For Logistics Business

  • Cargo bike
  • Mobile phone
  • Space
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Notepad
  • Objects for keeping archives
  • Delivery box

How To Begin Logistics Business In Nigeria

Think through these things:

  • Capital
  • Space
  • Social media
  • Dispatch riders
  • Business plan
  • license

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Logistics business requires a reasonable amount of money for the acquisition of equipment’s and for man power but with ₦400,000 you can commence the business. ₦360,000 can buy a decent bike and fitted out with plastic container for the goods conveyance.

Bike is very suitable for logistics business because it can simply move around road traffic than a car would have done. Undergo a complete indemnity on the bike to prevent circumstances in case of eventuality.

Dispatch Bike Rider

After the bike, the rider is another most important person to consider. Because without a good rider, logistic business will fold.

  • The rider should be someone who knows the corners and crannies of the area to be operated.
  • Must be someone who is willing to work and have moral conducts together with phone protocols.
  • Hence he will be dealing on money and other products, he must be very truthful.


Phone is required for communication with the clients. So provide the rider a phone to make contact with the clients and to also reach you when the need arises.


You can begin from the luxury of your home, but to make it formal and serious you can obtain a space for it and hire one or two persons for assistance.

Social Media

Use social media platform to gain more ecommerce stores and online sellers. Use Facebook, Instagram, twitter and website to inform the audience concerning your logistics business so that people seeking for your type of services can simply locate you.

Business Plan

Endeavour to sketch a business plan for your delivery business. It should consist of parts to cover, amount to begin with and estimate for that which is yet to come.

Challenges Of Logistics Business

Aspects that affect ecommerce deliveries are:

  • Individuals make orders for what they don’t desire or change their minds about it. And will refuse to take your calls when you have arrived their location. Thus wasting your time, fuel & money.
  • Various clients are arrogant. They will say to you that the piece you brought is not exactly with what the saw online so for that reason, you can’t have your money because they will refuse to pay.
  • Pointless delays from some of the customers when you go for deliveries which may result to less delivery objective for the day.

To get license to commence logistics business you need State Government. But when you want to begin a courier business you have to get license from Nipost. The money for logistics license is just a few thousand while that of courier is in millions.

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