How To Begin Waterproof Business In Nigeria

A lot of people roam about grouchy about joblessness while they can set up something by themselves and be successful in life. In this article simple steps will be taught on how to begin waterproof business in Nigeria.

Water proof business is a very profitable trade one can embark on in Nigeria and make proceeds without pressure as there is virtually no trader that can run his or her business without using waterproof.

So if you can study how to produce it, it will be profitable to you. Bread sellers need waterproof to wrap their bread for customers, garri sellers and other market women also need waterproof to pack their wares.

How To Begin Waterproof Business In Nigeria


  • B.A.S.F
  • Extruder Blowing Machine
  • Waterproof Cutting Machine
  • Punching Machine
  • Printing Machine
  • Master Berg
  • Nylon Cutting Machine
  • Delivery Truck

There are two kinds of waterproof mostly used in Nigeria

  • High-Density Waterproof and
  • Low-Density Waterproof.

High-Density: This kind of waterproof is strong, more handy and resilient. The request for this waterproof is high and it is mainly used for packing, disposals, and trash.

Low-Density: This is mostly used for packaging food, bread, water selling, etc. It can also be used for wrapping clothes.

Production Process

  1. The simple raw material used in producing waterproof is known as B.A.S.F. It can also be called Escorene or Dow. Dispense the raw material (B.A.S.F) into the heating and melting unit of the Extruder Blowing Machine.
  2. The B.A.S.F that is already in a liquid state is wafted in pressure by a specific means. After blowing, it cool off & polythene sheets are made out of it. At this point, Master Berg can be used to enhance colors so you to get various colors of waterproof.
  3. In this phase, the polythene sheets are transformed to bales, which is the stage that will go through the procedure of cutting and sealing.
  4. This is the last phase in the production which is the process of cutting the bales and close up into suitable shape. It is at this stage that you can use the nylon cutting machine to cut the waterproof into various sizes you desire.

The printing machine can be used at this phase to provide various designs to the waterproof. Punching Machine can be used as well here to create holes to the waterproof.

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Things to consider upon Before Starting up waterproof Business

1. Register Your Business

For you to be able to commence production, your business must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

This is ultimate as it covers and guards you against unforeseen situations. It also liberates you from troubles from people outside and aids to endorse your business.

2. Get The Capital For The Waterproof Production

There is need to establish the capital for the business separately. The amount depends on the size you want to start producing. Consider getting a loan from the bank if you do not have enough money .

3. Study The Whole Thing You Need To Know

Get all you want before commencing yours, interact with those who have been in the business before you and learn from their stories as experience is the best teacher

Know their ups and downs and develop yourself from whatever you acquire from them. You can also be present at conferences and workshops to know more about the production of water proof.

4. Go on a Market Survey

Inquire from people in the area where you desire to set up your business so that it will assist you in knowing your target audience

If individuals there are mostly bread sellers and clothe sellers and you start up a high-density waterproof production, you will certainly loose because the people there make use of low density waterproof.

Search for areas that will be in need of waterproof and commence your production there. Places where there are pharmacies, water production companies, eateries, hospitals, supermarkets, are nice places to begin waterproof production.

5. Get a good land that is spacious

You should be able to get a place that will contain every tool needed for the waterproof production. Think through the source of the raw materials and other things you need from the market to avoid spending much on transport.

6. Employ workers

Absolutely, you cannot carry out the production of waterproof singlehandedly. There is need to employ the services of hands that will help you in the production to avoid the whole stress being on you.

Examine the parts you need assistance, to guide you in employing more hands. People that will help to install the machines & service them, those who will control the machines and supervise the matters of marketing the waterproof are also important.

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