How To Make Kuli Kuli German Stone

Kuli kuli is a West African Snack that is mainly derived from groundnut. The Nupe people of Nigeria were the first to make it. Kuli kuli is also known as German stones, the rock or peanut balls. On this post, we will learn how to make Kuli kuli (German stone)

Kuli kuli is frequently consumed alone or with a combination of cassava flakes. It is usually molded into various shapes and traded in see-through nylons and it remains a snack to eat any day, anytime.

How To Make Kuli Kuli (German Stone)


  • 2 cups of groundnut
  • Groundnut oil and a tea spoon of ground pepper
  • ½ spoon of ginger powder
  • Potash (Optional)
  • Kitchen Utensils and Appliances Needed
  • food processor
  • Non sticky frying pot
  • Muslin cloth
  • Plastic bowl

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  • Pour the groundnuts and ginger into the powerful food processor, and set to rotate until the nuts are almost turning to a pastry form.
  • Scoop the pasty nut into a clean and dry muslin cloth and press out the oil as much as you can. Don’t anticipate seeing a lot of oil. This step is very important as it decides how crispy the kulikuli will be.
  • Add the compressed peanut into a plastic bowl, pour the powdered pepper.
  • Combine the parts using your fingers and outline using your palms to your desired size.
  • Drop the non-sticky pan on cooker and pour enough groundnut oil to fry the balls. You can also add potash and onion to provide flavor into the oil but it is optional.
  • Before the temperature of the oil arrives a frying point, pour the shaped balls into it and keep turning until all sides of the balls transforms to brown.
  • Bring out the kuli kuli into a plate and let it cool.

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