How To Prepare Chapman Drink In Nigeria

Chapman drink is a known by Nigerians as an unusual and unique drink.In preparation, it is made from different quality drinks and fruits. The mixture makes it to be very refreshing with a zesty taste. It is now the toast of many occasions in the country especially in cocktail parties. Though Chapman has being in existence for a while now, its fame is only developing wild of recent. In this post you will be taught how to prepare Chapman drink.

How To Make Chapman Drink For Commercial Purposes

You can set up a bar where people can hang out for small chops (chin chin, meat pie. doughnut etc) with Chapman drink for a combination. You will make great sales because this is a drink that is loved by all not minding the age, sex or tribe.

Another way to do the business is to be signed up to prepare Chapman drink in events like wedding parties, birthday ceremonies etc. most people are looking for drinks to sip from as they munch.

However, it is important you go for training before you can start the business commercially. Locate a professional in this field to put you through.

How To Prepare Chapman Drink

  • Various people are of the opinion that without Angostura there is no Chapman drink but for those who do not like alcohol, you can prepare your drink without Angostura or Campari.
  • Use ginger drink to substitute instead but know that you will have a different taste from the ones prepared with Angostura bitters. At the end, Chapman drink is gotten with fruits added to it.

Ingredients For Chapman Drink

  • 1 bottle of Fanta
  • 1 bottle of spirit
  • 1 bottle of bitter lemon
  • A few dash of Angostura bitters or ginger
  • 1 cup of black currant or Ribena drink
  • Grenadine syrup Ice cubes
  • Fruits for garnishing (cucumber, pineapple, lime. strawberry, banana. lemon or anything that fancy’s your interest).

Ice cube should be ready before making chapman drink.

This is to make sure the final drop is as the first. If you use water when it melts it will dilute the drink and you will be left with only flavoured drink.

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  • Pour Fanta. Sprite and bitter lemon drink into a jug or mug and stir
  • Add a few dashes of Angostura bitters or ginger and stir
  • pour a cup of black currant and stir
  • Add grenadine syrup according to your taste; know that the more you add the more reddish it becomes
  • Refrigerate
  • Cut the fruits into desired sizes
  • Pick a glass
  • Place some ice cubes in it
  • Add some of the chunk fruits
  • Pour the chilled drink into it
  • Insert a straw and serve.


  1. Geraldine syrup makes your drink sparkling red in colour you can explore other options maybe something like blue, pink etc our mind-set is waiting to grab such opportunity.
  2. Where you cannot find Geraldine to buy, you can use red currant for the colour but trust the taste to be uniquely different.
  3. Campari and Angostura bitters add bitterness to the drink but you can skip it (optional).
  4. Serve chapman drink immediately after preparation for a good taste, better quality and also to maintain its gas/pressure contents.
  5. To maintain your ice cubes till you are done serving the people irrespective of how long it takes: you will have to use ice-cube box to preserve them

Why You Should Engage in Chapman Drink Business

  • It is a very nice drink that is very much demanded.
  • The number of people making chapman drink commercially is rare
  • The business can be started with little amount of money
  • It has huge profits

Chapman drink is not really common so people who like classic things will be looking for such venture to patronize and will be willing to pay more to get a cup.

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