How To Prepare Tiger Nut Flour

Tiger nut flour is gotten after processing dry tiger nuts. The process of how to prepare tiger nut flour differs as some entrepreneurs process its seeds to powder for business while others process it to store after use. Tiger nut is gluten free, good for paleo, contains natural sugar, healthy fats and contains a high level of resistant starch as such as keto friendly..

The benefits of tiger nut are numerous and awesome. It can be taken as a snack and there are varieties of the nuts that are good for that and it can be processed to milk, paste, and flour. Tiger nut flour can be used for tiger nut milk, drink, cookies, baking etc.


Materials needed

  • Tiger nut
  • Tray
  • Blender or industrial grinding machine
  • Container
  • Sieve

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  1. Turn the tiger nut into a tray and select stones, sticks and remove dirt. You must be very careful because some tiger nuts bag contains stones that look exactly like tiger nut so an error can tamper the worth of the tiger nut flour.
  2. Wash them very well, change the water many times until its clean then remove the nuts and dry them in the sun or dryer.
  3. Grind them with a blender but for commercial purpose using blender is not advisable because it will consume much time but might spoil the blender for you.
  4. For commercial, use big grinding machine, the type used in grinding corn, millets etc. to grind the tiger nuts to powder and spread the powder to cool before packaging.
  5. You can sieve the powder before packaging to remove lumps or particles.
  6. Package for sale or use.

NOTE: You can roast the tiger nuts before grinding them as the color will become dark brown flour.

FOR TIGER NUT MILK            

  • Pour the tiger nut powder inside the bowl and add water
  • Stir the mixture together thoroughly then use water as desired whether you want the milk to br thick or light
  • Use sieve to separate the milk from the chaff
  • You can add honey or any other sweetener such as dates to the milk
  • Put the drink inside the refrigerator to get cold and drink as desired


  • Improve digestion
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Boost immune system

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