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How To Prevent Your Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned in 2020

Google AdSense Banned

Google AdSense is one the most popular ad networks that allows bloggers to monetize their blogs through ads. However, many aspiring bloggers who want to earn money fast are at a disadvantage. This is because Google AdSense comes with strict rules that users must follow or their accounts could end up getting banned.

Prevent your Google Adsense account from getting banned

Here are 8 practical steps to follow in order to avoid Google Adsense getting banned.

  1. Don’t Click Your Own Ads
  2. Avoid Begging For Clicks
  3. Don’t Change the AdSense Code
  4. Know a Blog’s Language
  5. Avoid Invalid Clicks
  6. Don’t Use Forbidden Content
  7. Avoid Using Copyrighted or Gambling Content
  8. Paid Traffic

This article contains measures to prevent AdSense user accounts from getting banned. To save your chances of earning money from your blog, just follow the steps given below:

1. Don’t Click Your Own Ads

No matter how desperate you are, do not ever click on your own ads. Google is smart enough to determine that the clicks have originated from the same IP address. Even if you mask your IP address using a VPN software Google will still track your account.

2. Avoid Begging For Clicks

It is unethical for you to beg for clicks on your ads. This means you must never ask your friends and family members or scam people into clicking your ads. Google keeps track of your AdSense account’s ad clicks from all over the internet.

Although Google permits you to use sponsored links for your ads, it does not allow you to use button or link text such as “Click Here”. This makes it seem like you are desperate for ad clicks.

If you’re going to host contests, make sure that they have nothing to do with ad clicking. Also, do not attach ads to your emails or social media posts when you send them.

3. Don’t Change the AdSense Code

Google does permit users to make certain changes to their ads such as size and color. For those changes, AdSense generates a new javascript code, which you can then paste to your HTML.

However, Google’s AdSense program policies strictly forbid users from changing the AdSense code to illegally boosts ad performance or even ruins advertiser conversions. Hence, users must never tweak the code from their web page editing program or by hand.

4. Know a Blog’s Language

The language of the blog could be a factor in getting your AdSense account banned. This is important because some AdSense users publish articles on unsupported language blogs. Placing the AdSense code in a blog in an unsupported language is forbidden by Google AdSense’s program policies. If you translate an unsupported language blog into supported language, this will also be considered a violation to Google.

5. Avoid Invalid Clicks

Just because you are not generating user interest, it doesn’t mean that you use underhanded methods to inflate ad clicks. Some of these methods involve using automated impression and click generating tools, repeated manual clicks and impressions.

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Other than that, you shouldn’t also trade clicks with other Google AdSense users or use pay-per-clicking schemes.

6. Don’t Use Forbidden Content

Bloggers cannot place Google AdSense ads on web pages that violates Google’s content guidelines. This includes content that is violent, adult or permits racial discrimination among others, as written on the Content Policies page.

7. No Copyrighted or Gambling Content

AdSense users cannot display their Google ads on pages containing copyrighted content unless they have the necessary legal rights for it. Other than certain countries, Google AdSense restricts users for placing ads on gambling sites or on content related to gambling. This includes content that encourages other users to place bets or play games for money.

8. Paid Traffic

It’s one thing to earn traffic for your Google AdSense-enabled blogs, but using paid traffic is a very unethical, not to mention account-banning practice. Hence, if you want to promote your AdSense blogs fairly, you should do it on Facebook, Reddit and StumbleUpon because then it wouldn’t be considered a violation.


If you are a rookie Google AdSense user, you must have the patience to attract your audience with your ads. Therefore, follow the steps provided above or your AdSense account will be banned. If there are other steps that I have missed out, do let me know in the comments below.

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Major Online Recruitments in Nigeria and Their websites

online recruitments in nigeria

Online recruitments in Nigeria has stepped up and taken a new face as the government, companies, private and public industries have embraced this global method of employment.  And you can virtually apply for any job in Nigeria via their online recruitment portal.

Ok, enough of the explanation,  let’s go.

Online Recruitments in Nigeria and Their websites

Below we list out various recruitment portals online and their website to give you easy access to their platforms.


If you are ready to take your career to the next level in the Stock Exchange world then you need to apply here. The Nigerian Stock exchange has several job opportinities in different locations across Nigeria.

WEBSITE:  Nigeria Stock Exchange Portal


The DPR application portal is open for candidates who are qualified. You can visit their website to find out more about their graduate trainee program and other professional positions. You are expected to read the instruction carefully before applying.



The central Bank Of Nigeria recruitment exercise comes up from time to time. To get exclusive information about the recruitment exercise, qualified candidates are expected to check their official website below.



Opec is currently recruiting professional graduates in the petroleum industry. you can visit their website to learn more about the different job offers available.



The Nigerian Immigration service offers different positions for young qualified professionals.


To be continued…….

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Explore My Town NG: A Reliable online information Platform.

explore my town ng

Explore My is a reliable online information platform.

Explore My provides information for everyone. It helps you explore, discover and share. Need Something? Search it and find it here.

It provides the fastest, easiest and most innovative way for you to find information about anything online in Nigeria.

Explore my town is also offering a free business listing service. This means that anyone can now promote their business, organization, skills etc and enjoy the benefits of getting listed the right customers and exploring the right places in every town in Nigeria.

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Promoting and advertising your product, business, services, company, organization, etc can be really effective on

To begin listing your business for free, click on the banner below

explore my town ng


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4 Excellent Ways To Advertise Your Business Post-Coronavirus Lockdown.


Besides feigning devastating effects on people’s health, the COVID-19 has emerged as a deathly blow for the organizations. Therefore raising the need for advertisement.

The Nigerian business owners are confused about how to bring their businesses back on track. Disruptions in the supply and demand chains have forced the owners to halt their operations. Some factories have been temporarily closed to avert the total variable cost. On the other hand, some owners have entirely closed their factories to evade the total fixed expenses as well.


As we all know, a business is entirely useless in the absence of the right advertisement strategies. An advertisement is as crucial for a business as a soul for a body. So, the companies should forge required advertisement policies for the new post-coronavirus era. Such strategies will assist the firms in bolstering their recovery.


The first and foremost step to advertise your business is to create an online presence of your brand. Digital marketing is an integral part of that step. Even if you are short on budget, you can always hire digital freelance services widely available on several online freelancing platforms at a minimal cost.


To combat the uncertainties of the future, you should answer specific questions.


What will influence or attract clients in the post-COVID era?


What will be the business landscape after the lockdown?


Will the customers be ready to invest in your business?


You can even connect with your target audience and have cognizance of their requirements. Researching about the customers’ needs is a fantastic way to stimulate your ideal advertisement strategy.

With the aid of this article, you can climb one more stair towards the gateway of success. Let us have a glimpse of the various ways by which you can advertise your Nigerian business after the lockdown.

  • Go Digital

Building a robust social presence is one of the best marketing strategies post the lockdown era. This is because coronavirus has led to augmented usage of social media platforms. Be it the usage of various applications or software that facilitates remote working, or the e-commerce platforms; there are umpteen reasons for this.


Thus, you can reap a plethora of benefits of this opportunity by going digital. But creating a social presence is not the only goal you should aim for. You should identify the channels which are accessed by your target audience.


Rather than being everywhere, you should try to go deep and wide in one stream. Define your target audience and the platforms in which they engage the most. Then create high-quality content on that platform to attract your target audience.


With the various digital marketing platforms, you can promote your products and services. The different marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your business to advertise it are as follows.


> SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

> Social Media Marketing

> Website Management

> Content Marketing

> Influencer Marketing

> Data-driven Marketing

> Email Marketing

> SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Email, YouTube, etc. can help you market your business. Incorporating the SEO keywords in your content can enhance your business page on the search engines. The consumers who actively use the search engines can know about your website quickly.

4 Brilliant Ways to Advertise Your Nigerian Business Post-Coronavirus Lockdown

This, in turn, can bring a greater target audience towards your business and enrich your customer base too.

  • Integrate An Outsourced Marketing Team

Due to the worldwide lockdowns, there has been a modification in the payment structure of social media advertisements. With a change in the CPI (Cost Per Impression) of social media advertisements, you should review your advertisement strategy to align it with your costs.


Therefore, this is the perfect time to know the payment structure of different advertisement channels. The Wall Street Journal exhibits that the cost of Facebook marketing has truncated at a rate of 15%. So, you can determine your channel according to your budget for advertisement.

Integrating an outsourced marketing team is essential as it proffers many benefits. The professionals of the team have cross-industry knowledge and, hence, have augmented efficiency. With their innovative marketing strategies, they can expand your marketing channel expertise.


Not only this, but you get the benefit of numerous experts in a single fee. By paying for decreased overhead expenses, you can get an insight into the latest industry updates. The team aims at shifting from tactics to strategy, and, thus, you can focus on the core of your business.

  • Revise The Branding Materials

You should revamp your business branding materials in a way to suit the current situation. Your branding materials should be promising enough to assure the customers that they are spending their money in the right direction.


Apart from the promises and messages, other elements that should be consolidated into your brand are the materials. Some businesses were not able to update their brands due to busy schedules. However, this is the right time to grab the opportunity of exhibiting a mirror of your personality through your brand. The branding materials incorporate the brand, logo, tagline, colour palette, messaging fonts, colours, design, layouts, and other marketing techniques.


After the lockdown, your advertisement message should include the potential energy that you have received. You can fabricate an intriguing and quirky message like, “We are back with more vigour and zeal to satisfy you.”


You can also utilize this time to procure feedback from your customers and develop an appropriate branding strategy accordingly. Build a branding strategy that keeps your clients glued to your business.

  • Present Your Safety-conscious Nature

Even after the lockdown, people will take precautionary measures relating to their safety. You can clear the public’s apprehensiveness by establishing new standards of sanitization and safety.


You can tell the people about your restricted schedules and processes. Advertising about your hand sanitizer stations or the glass visors at the checkout is essential. This is because prospective customers will become your clients only when they are assured of their protection.


There are many ways to advertise your brand in public. However, these edgy times require you to form a multi-channel approach. Now is the accurate time when the Nigerian businesses need to re-plan their marketing strategies to thrive post-lockdown. Due to extensive consumer behavior changes, organizations should review the internal and external attributes of a business.

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