How To Produce Body Cream In Nigeria

Considering the human skin as the largest part of the body, it requires proper attention and care. And body cream has served well in the protection and nourishing of the body against the abrasive condition of our environments. on this post, you will learn how to produce body cream.

The use of body cream, lotions and other skin care products in maintaining, repairing damage skins, enhancing the look and appearance of the skin can never be over exaggerated.

Knowing what kind of body cream to use for your type of body skin; light skin, chocolate skin or fair complexion or how you can make your own natural body cream will be of great advantage to you.

The understanding of body cream production process or body lotion can convert you into a millionaire if you plan to follow it as a dream.

How To Produce Body Cream In Nigeria

Importance Of Body Cream

  • Even though many creams in the stores have been an alternative for body cream, still body cream is still in high demand all over the world because:
  • It doesn’t cause skin reaction
  • It is used to prevent inflammation produced by heat caused from elongated recycled diapers
  • It is used in the research laboratory to prevent air from penetrating the sample therefore, it is used for shielding cover slip
  • It makes the body warm in cold period
  • It is used as grease
  • It is a water repellant
  • It is used to stop broken heels, lips, and skin
  • It is used as polish to create sparkle on exteriors like foot wears and bags
  • It is used to prevent rusting of metal surfaces
  • It is used to prevent split ends in hair.

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Body Cream Making Manufacturing Equipment

  • Heater
  • Thermometer
  • Stirrer
  • Mixing chamber
  • Weighing Scale

Body Cream Production Materials And Quantity

  • Methy Paraben 5 mls
  • Emulsifying wax (crude) 3 mls
  • Propylparabe Stearic-acid 2 grams
  • Propylene glycol     3 mls
  • Water 81 mls
  • Cetyl Alcohol 3 grams
  • Colourant To taste
  • Mineral Oil 1 grams
  • Fragrance As desired
  • Jelly 5 grams

Body Cream Production Making Procedures And Processes

  • Mix no methy paraben & water together in a heating chamber
  • Heat until the mixture reaches around 75 0 C
  • Mix cetyl alcohol & mineral oil together in a heating chamber
  • Ignite heat and blend till the mixture is 75 0 C
  • Blend both part by stirring continuously, relax the heat
  • Add perfume and colour as desired, when the temperature drops to about 400C.
  • Package ready for the market.

Alternative Methods

  • In a pot, add 30 Cl of mineral oil into it.
  • Pour 1 kg of petroleum jelly and mix properly.
  • Pour 1 tablespoonful of the Lanolin substance and heat it moderately on fire (you can use a kerosene stove, gas cooker, firewood, oven or an electric heater) in order to dissolve it properly and proportionately. The more paraffin oil you add, the more you lose the thickness of your product becomes. So beware of this so as not to produce a sub-standard Vaseline on the long run.
  • As soon as the melting and mixing process has been completed, remove pot from heat leave for a few seconds to enable the heat of the mixture cool down a little bit. Then, go on and add your industrial perfume according to your desired fragrance which will easily catch the attention of people to buy them.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly so that the components can properly mix up with each other.
  • Add the mixture into your branded containers. Allow it to cool inside the containers for a few minutes and then, you have just produced your Vaseline

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