How To Produce Hair Relaxer In Nigeria

Hair relaxer is a chemical people use to soften their hair. It changes the texture of the hair, making it silky. Although natural hair is the trending fashion now yet many people still relax their hairs. Before now when you mention relaxer, females will come to mind but it is not so anymore as females and males alike are competing for the usage and style. In this post you will be taught how to produce hair relaxer that can compete with any brand in the market. What will make your product outstanding is the packaging. In this area nobody plays with packaging as that is what introduces the content.

You can learn how to produce hair relaxer in Nigeria

You produce for home or sale. Although big companies use industrial machines for the production of chemical relaxer you can do yours manually and it will come out perfect like that of machine. It is easy to produce like any other chemical products, such as: Liquid soap, bar soap, antiseptic production etc.

Materials for the Production of Hair Relaxer

  • Caustic soda (NAOH) – o.g5kg
  • Petroleum jelly – 7.5kg
  • Lanolin – 11kg
  • Acetyl alcohol – 0.75kg
  • Mineral oil – 6.0kg
  • Stearic acid – 25g
  • Glycerin – 0.75kg
  • Dehydrated wax – 25g
  • Butyl paraben – 0.10kg
  • Deionized water – 22kg

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Procedures On How To Produce Hair Relaxer

  1. Dissolve all the oil-based chemicals into a big pot e.g. petroleum jelly, acetyl alcohol, lanolin, dehydrated wax, stearic acid, and mineral oil. Heat it with a mild heat.
  2. Measure out the water soluble chemicals e.g. NaOH, dissolve it in water
  3. Use half of the NAOH solution to dissolve your glycerin and heat mildly for even dissolution, and allow to cool.
  4. Dissolve little quantity of any good preservation with some of the measured water
  5. Add sample l and 2 above together in a bowl, stir gently and pour it in the dissolve preservative, get the temperature of the mixture to 460C. checking with a thermometer
  6. Add the remaining NaOH solution gradually and stir gently
  7. When the temperature returns to room temperature, pour the finished product into container for sale or use.

Tools  Needed For Chemical Hair Production

  • Hand glove
  • bowls
  • Stirring rod
  • Thermometer
  • Source of light
  • Pot
  • Container
  • Label

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