How To Produce Insecticide In Nigeria

Insecticides are chemical liquids, and solutions or substances produced for the sole purpose of killing and or repelling crawling ad creeping creatures or insects around our surroundings. The production of Insecticides will assist us limit the deeds of these animals if not their population will accelerate. In this post you will be guided on how to produce insecticide.

Mosquitoes are the major reasons why insecticides are seen in almost every home. As little as mosquitoes are, they have killed so many particularly children. Apart from malaria disease which they cause, the uneasiness mosquitoes create with their sound and bite is adequate to attack them.

Underdeveloped countries like Nigeria suffer so much from malaria whereas some developed countries like United Kingdom have been able to completely eradicate them. Apart from mosquitoes we have other harmful insects such as centipede, ants, bed bugs, spiders etc. Certain insecticides, depending on their concentration kills wall gecko, scorpion etc.

In our country today, a lot of money has been spent by individuals, families and Institutions in the purchase of insecticides. They high rate of usage has kept the producers in business right from when they started. Production of insecticides is not difficult as some of us think.  You can create this chemical with the things you have in your home.

You can produce insecticide for individual use particularly if you are not content with the ones you purchase from the market. Some of the insecticides sold in the market are harmful to our health the more reason why you should produce your own in other to suit your purpose.

If you are producing for commercial use, packaging is very vital.

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How To Start Insecticide Production

Some chemicals are formulated to kill insects as such they will stop at nothing but to kill all the insects that comes in contact with them. While others are formulated to only repel them. That is why they only end up repelling no matter the amount of concentration that is put to use. This can be attributed to the strength of the chemicals that are combined. The active ingredients used in their formulation are different.

You must have observed that there are some insecticides you use in fleeting the house, later you still sight mosquitoes even when the openings were all locked. What the insecticide does is to fade the mosquitoes afterwards they spring up when the effect of such chemical is drained.

During production, use or combine more than one killer to get active result because some chemicals are faster than others due to the concentration in their final product.

How To Produce Insecticide


  • Containers for packaging
  • Big container for mixture or bowl
  • Stirring rod


Solvent (kerosene, water, powder) 1 liter. This are very important because they act as base for the solution.

  • Eucalyptus oil 30m1
  • Camphor 200
  • Colour to taste
  • Fragrance as desired

Killers (no pest, rocket, VIP, perfect killer, sniper etc) i small bottle.

You can choose one out of these or a combination of two or more of it. The effectiveness of the chemical depends on the concentration. If you are using 1 bottle of killers that means you have to use 1 liter of kerosene. For 2 bottles you also use 2 liters of kerosene.


Pour the kerosene into the bowl or container

Put the powdered camphor into the kerosene and stir. Some people soak the camphor with a little quantity of kerosene for 3 hours or more.

  1. Pour the eucalyptus oil and stir
  2. Add the killers and stir
  3. Drop some fragrance into the content
  4. Add colour
  5. Put a few drops of formalin into the insecticide for preservation.
  6. Package your insecticide for sale or use.


  • Solvents are important in the production of insecticides. Various solvent are used in handling various active ingredients. That is why you should choose the right solvent because some ingredients may not be soluble in some solvent.
  • Use fragrances that scent good so that your insecticides would be okay by customers. It will make patronage to be high. Different things can be used for their packaging such as plastic, pet bottles, containers for the liquid insecticide: printed paper or racks in case of powder.
  • Use face mask and gloves during insecticides production. And be very careful when manufacturing because chemicals can disturb our health when always being visible to them.

Why You Should Start Insecticide Business

  • The materials for the production is readily available at home and chemical shops at affordable prices.
  • Insecticides production can be started with any little amount of money depending on the capital. But ensure you have a certificate of operation for the large-scale if not NAFDAC will cease your products.
  • The business is highly profitable.
  • You can start at home
  • It is easy to produce
  • The demand is high

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