How To Produce Scouring Powder (Vim)

Scouring powder is a special type of cleaning agent which consist of a mixed abrasive powder. On this post, you will be guided on how to produce scouring powder

Scouring powder is used to remove crusted deposits on surfaces like ceramic tiles, pans, pots and stove top etc. It is meant to be rubbed over the surface with a little water. The abrasive removes dirt by mechanical action, and is eventually washed away, together with the powder; by rinsing with water.

Scouring powder is magic at removing stains and grim from surfaces. It is commercial or homemade cleaning mixture which makes suitable or comfortable for just any surface in home or outdoors. It is also used for cleaning hard surfaces like stoves, pot, fiberglass and tiles etc.

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How To Produce Scouring Powder (Vim)

Scouring powder is made by the use of chemicals and quantity of each of the chemicals

Chemicals and Quantity

Baking soda – 1 cup

Salt (not iodized) – ½ cup

Washing soda – ½ cup

Lemon essential oil – 5 drops

Calcium Carbonate – 1 kg of calcium carbonate as the quantity

Caustic Soda – 1 teaspoon as of caustic soda as the quantity

Soda Ash –  ½ kg of teaspoon as the quantity

SLS (Powder Form)-  3 spoons of SLS (powder form)as the quantity

Perfume – little and optional

Production Steps

Add 3 spoons of SLS (Powder Form) to the Calcium Carbonate and stir very well

Add 1 teaspoon of Caustic Soda to the mixture and then stir very well again

Add 1/2 kg of Soda Ash and stir very well again

Add little Perfume (This is done by choice) if you want to vim to scent nice

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