How To Run Fast: Here Are 15 Ways To Run Faster

Do you desire to learn how to run fast like the eight time Olympic champion Usain Bolt? Then this article is for you. The most fastest runner is still as natural as we all are, but there is much work to be done in order to keep himself fit and in top shape.

There are quite a number of steps you can follow to run faster, win that competition or probably set a new record.

Here are 15 practical ways on how to run fast

1. Practice the right technique

One key that can help you run faster is when you begin to use the right technique consistently. You need to keep the upper part of your body stretched while you are relaxed, swinging your both arms back and forward and not side ways at a 90  degree angle.

2. Practice space training

Do you have less time in gym? Try training periodically. This involves doing your exercises within high and low intensity intervals. This methods helps you to build endurance and speed and also burn major calories in a short time.

3. Engage in Sprint

real runners engage in short sprinting before they move over to the big thing. They do this for a reason. This technique improves their acceleration and speed.

4. Stretch Yourself Daily

Daily stretch has proven to be of great help to athletes and anyone desiring to improve their speed when it comes to running. This daily activity ensures your body is flexible for better strides.

6. Step Up And Increase Your Pace

It’s time to step up up your game. Set a goal and be sure you adhere strictly to it. Don’t remain on the same pace, increase and do more.

7. Use Rope Jump

Add this workout to your daily routine. The rope jump workout helps your feet and increases the speed as your step up your pace consistently.

Other Tips Include:

8. Go for shoes that are light.

9. Work out on your core muscles, particularly the lower abs. This helps you build greater force while running.

10. Your breathing must change. The diaphragm needs to be filled with air not chest. Engage and use your mouth and nose to inhale and exhale enough oxygen into the muscles.

11. Avoid junk foods and sweets. eat whole grains before you engage in running. This will provide you with energy.

12. Get Enough rest.

13. Start weightlifting.

14. Consult a professional for a proper weight loss program.

15. Believe in Yourself and Look Forward.
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