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How To Setup A Bridal Shop & Accessories Business

bridal shop business

Bridal shop and accessories business is undeniably one of the most sought after enterprise. Every man wants to marry a pretty woman and every bride wants a beautiful wedding and a dress that will make her look outstanding on her memorable day and one thing that can make the wedding memorable is getting the right bridals. Bridal boutique is therefore a profitable venture because of the latest obsession in today’s society with glamour and trend.

Some individuals now want their marriages in lavish styles & that creates a worthy return for occasion management, companies and also for the bridal and groom parlors. Bridal shop business is a very profitable one backed up by the fact that very few people venture into it.

It is not a common business as others in the clothing industry but it is one which holds a million dollar promise. The reason being that the market demand is vast, weddings continually take place every week and the competition is not so much as compared to other sectors.

Nigerians by nature are ceremonial people, given our socio cultural disposition, weddings are widely celebrated event. Every bride wants a glamour wedding with that perfect gown that turns the head of every one who attends the event. Moreover the wedding industry is considered one of the significant contributors to our economy. It is credited for creating entire industries that didn’t exist or were previously unprofitable such as makeup artist and luxury toilet hire companies.

Fashion designers have also largely benefited from Nigeria’s wedding. In previous years, wealthy brides will travel abroad to buy their wedding gowns but they are now turning to homegrown designers to shop for weddings. So the market has flourished into making a perfect influence for investors, fashion tycoons and boutique owners. Before you delve into this venture, you need to know what it entails. A bridal shop sells dresses and accessories to brides to be and bridal party members’ e.g. brides’ maid of honor, the bride’s mother, etc. they also provide alteration services so that everyone can get the perfect fit.

To establish and successfully run a bridal shop business, you will need the following materials as startup kits such as a show room, mannequins, pieces of furniture, an office complex, file cabinets and desks, cash register, book keeping materials, measurement kits and so on

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  1. Create A Business Plan

Your business plan should act as a masterpiece for your store. A good business plan will show investors that your business is viable and that it has the potential to succeed. Your marketing strategy for the bridal shop will include a general business description with the name of your business, the city where your business will be located, a proposed location for your business and your costumer type. It should also include inventory details, your promotion plan, future, resume, startup expense as well as project statement of sales and expenses.

  1. . Get Capital

You need sufficient capital to start your business. Your capital should be included in your business plans; or rather your business plan gives you a sense of how much equity you are going to need for both worse scenarios and best case scenarios. It would be best if you strategize how to include loans to your capital from friends, family, investors and other industries. Bear in mind that the bridal shop business is a serious investment.

  1. Name Your Business Bridal Shop

This may sound straightforward, but as you participate in the practice you will discover that sometimes having a perfect business name can be a hassle. Think about names that portray the business purpose as two known words can be coined together or perhaps work with a meaningless abstract name but the best name would be a reflection of your person and brand idea.

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  1. Register The Business

You must go through the rudimentary process of registering the business with the country and state. Register your bridal shop according to laid down guidelines. You need to decide if you want to specialize in defining a specific brand name or wedding dress style such as designer or high end luxury gowns or you want to bring a range of different gowns if you wish to store bridal accessories.

  1. Get A Suitable Location

Your bridal shop must have an excellent position to aim for success. Don’t expect to hit the peak by putting your company in a secluded area, away from potential clients. The benefits that come with a good business location cannot be overemphasized. Get a shop along the road, where there is a lot of traffic for your business to flourish

  1. Set up Your Shop

There are lots of suppliers and fabricators from whom you can order supplies. With just with your system you can ship most inventories from other countries to yours that is why your business plan is critical because it is also going to be crucial in deciding how you’d get in contact with these manufacturers, designers and suppliers. You will have to set up credit accounts or wholesale accounts with each one so that you can purchase the dresses at wholesale prices and then sell at retail prices.

  1. Get Your Supplies:

Your choices of wedding gowns are crucial to being relevant in this industry. It would help if you were in touch with experienced designers and manufacturers as many as you can buy to deliver bridal gowns that include different sizes, designs and prices to suit both the wealthy and moderate earners. Renting these bridal gowns, hats, floral arrangements and so many to be sold aside. As your business grows, you can start taking note of your customer’s choices, competitors and market trends.

Accessories For Bridal Shop

  • Shoes/bags
  • Hand fan
  • Gloves
  • Jewelry sets
  • Makeup kits
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Head crown
  • Perfume
  • Fascination tiaras

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Practical Guide On How To Start And Grow A Cosmetic Business.

how to start a Cosmetic business

Cosmetic is just like food which is a routine. Even though some folks may avoid using cream and the likes but can’t do so always. There are some essential products such as soap that you cannot do without, except such a person wants to be repelling or become offensive to others. In this post you will be taught how to start and grow your cosmetic business.

How To Start And Grow A Cosmetic Business.

We are living in a world of competition and sophistication where everybody wants to outdo the other even with the cosmetics we wear. It’s impossible to locate a house that at least one cosmetic product is not in use as women are the most culpable in this..

Have you ever wondered why more people are going into cosmetology? Before now people used to study it as a part-time program but these days many are studying it as a full-time course. A lot of beauty therapists are in town, helping people to retain youthful look and the age ones to grow younger skin with a combination of different cosmetics.

Before embarking into cosmetics business, there are numerous things to be considered. Such as:

  • Training.
  • Location
  • Capital
  • Where to buy
  • Marketing etc.

How To Start a Cosmetic Shop Business

  1. Capital

Capital should be the major consideration before beginning a cosmetic business. This will determine your location and the type of scale you will be operating.

With the amount you have, you can decide on the type of cosmetic to purchase which should be the priority and the quantity to go for.

  1. Training

Enroll for training to enable you understand how cosmetics business works. Learn the important things like the names, price, functions and size. Keep pen and paper from the first day you start learning, it will help you to catch up fast.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions where necessary no matter how foolish it sounds it will go a long way to help you build your own. Ask questions; learn how to mix specific natural oil and herbs to satisfy the needs of customers especially when they place a special demand for it.

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  1. Location

Location is key to this business. The areas to consider should be easily available. It should be a location where the sell important things that compliments the business places like junctions, market, bus stops etc.

The shop shouldn’t be very large except you are using a part of it for different purpose. Cosmetics are items that fit in to small spaces. Putting them in a large shop will show empty spaces that will make your shop look scanty.

No customer will like such a place. Customers are looking for a place where they can make choices. When you stock them in a small space it will appear full and attractive even when you don’t have all the things customers are looking for. They may be compelled to buy something else.

  1. How To Set Up Your Cosmetic Shop

Packaging is very important in today’s business .The products should be neatly arranged according to function and sizes. Look for a carpenter to construct a shelve for you.

Use a nice wall paper on the background. Or you use big show glasses to stock and flaunts the products. This will depend on what you want and how others set theirs.

Keep some sits that customers can sit and wait while you show and explain some products to them.

The shop should be airy and spacious such that people can walk and look around.

The front should be opened in a way people can view the inside clearly from the outside.  Ensure u have a notepad to draft your day-to-day transaction.

Write down the amount you bought an item and the amount it is sold for this will help you not to cheat yourself or your customers. Create a list of numerous cosmetics to enable you pick the ones you want to buy. Write down what clients are requesting for

  1. The Type Of Cosmetic You Want To Sale

What type of cream do you want to sell natural or specialized creams? I will advise that you sell both. Examples of natural ones are: moringa oil, coconut oil, almond oil, Shea butter, aloe vera etc.

Stock your shop with large number of popular creams. Cosmetics to sell are: hair cream, dandruff cream, body cream, fragrances, perfumes, powder, mascara, lipsticks, nail polish, foundations etc.

Start by selling to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Print flyers and share them everywhere around the neighborhood and also make a complimentary card for customers so they may locate or get in touch with you quickly.

Advertise your cosmetics business and sell online. The challenge is that most of the products that online are interested in wont be the same with offline. Therefore, you will have to plan how to get the products so you don’t tie your money down in one place waiting for when such order will come.

How To Start a Cosmetic Shop Business

Challenges Of Cosmetics Business

Locating your shop in a place you can’t get good patronages. It may result in your products expiring. When you have a product that wants to expire soon, decrease the amount of such products and sell them out quickly.

Selling fake products as earlier mentioned you may close down or run at a lost when you sell inferior products because most of your customers will run away from you.

That is to say that where to purchase from is very vital & the only precaution to this is to keep to originality.

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How To Start Cupcake Business Anywhere And Make Reasonable Profit

How To Start Cupcake Business

How To Start Cupcake Business Anywhere And Make Reasonable Profit

Cupcake is one lucrative business to startup in Nigeria, because it is a snack loved by many especially the children. Cupcakes are made inside cups & it has the same ingredients with the big cake and the preparation is same.

The difference is on the size and the container used. It is also called queens cake so I will be using the two names in this post. You may not necessarily need a shop at the start of this business: this is because it is a business you can start from home.

Queen cakes are mostly produced for marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, coronation, thanks giving services, sendoff parties etc.

What is making cupcake business a hotcake is because people who are into it are not many as such demand keeps on out weighing supplies. You may think all the fast food are producing these wonderful snacks but only few do.

In this article you will be presented a guide on how to start delicious cupcake that will keep you in this business.

How To Start Cupcake Business

Before you start a cupcake business you will have to get training , buy equipment, identify your target market etc.

Get Trained

Just like any other business you will have to get training on how to produce quality cupcakes from a professional,. Good enough you can easily get one because confectionary experts are easy to locate. Some even organize seminars for registered persons. Making cupcake is easy and it is one of the few things you can start on your own by studying online just like in this post.

Identity Your Target Market

Please don’t even start without first identifying your target market or point of sale. It is very fine to sit at home and presume that it will sale anyhow once taken to the market: but it doesn’t work this way.

Move around markets, shops, schools, places of worship and other likely places that you may supply to and introduce your business if possible bake a few pieces give them as sample.

If the taste is good they will be the ones ordering for your queens cake. It is a good thing to have where to supply immediately after production, it will encourage you to press on.

Buy Equipments

You should be able to gather money to buy the equipment for the cupcake business Without these equipment you cannot start except you rent them. And why will you choose renting for a business you want to sustain. The money for the equipment is not much and you can even cut down cost by using pot and fire in place of oven.


  • Baking pan
  • Queens cups
  • Oven/aluminum pot
  • Gas, stove or electric
  • Egg whisker
  • Wire rack
  • Spoons

Recipe For A Dozen Cup Cake

  • Flour 250g
  • Butter 250g
  • Sugar 150g
  • Egg 5
  • Salt 1 teaspoon
  • Flavour 1 teaspoon
  • Preservative 1 teaspoon

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  • Pre-heat oven
  • Sift the flour into a big bowl, add baking powder and salt
  • Beat margarine and sugar together with a wooden spoon (spatula) or you use a cake mixer to mince them together until it becomes light and fluffy
  • Pour in your beaten egg in the fluffy butter mixture and blend it very well.
  • Add flour and continue mixing
  • Fold in your flour to the mixture and thoroughly mix
  • Add milk and preservative and stir until the batter has a dropping consistency
  • Pour the mixture (batter) into the greased pans. If paper cups are used then there is no need to grease them. Shake it lightly to distribute the cake mixture evenly. Place the cups on a large baking tray and place them in the centre of the oven
  • Bake for about 15-20 minutes. Touch the surface with your finger tip to see if it will spring back. Bring out the tins from the oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Remove it from the cups and package for sale.

How To Bake Queens Cake With Pot


  1. Use a clean baking pan in other to get a larger surface: line up the cake pans with baking sheets or you grease the cup with little margarine and dust with flour so as to make the cakes come out easily after baking.
  2. Place the cupcakes on top of the overturned baking pan and over do not open the pot while baking in other not to make the cake collapse.

Once the cake is done the aroma will fill the air. The colour will turn brown when it is ready if you dip something like toothpick in it without stain after bringing out you bring it down.

Marketability/How To Succeed In Cupcakes Business

You should be able to make cake that can be used for both indoors and outdoors ceremonies. Print flyers and distribute them around your neighborhood.

If possible get a sign post erected in front of your shop or house: so clients can walk in to do business with you. You can start by producing for family, friends, neighbors and colleagues if your cake is good they will advertise it for you.

Find institutes, guesthouses, restaurants, fast food joint you can be distributing to.

Also keep a show glass in front of your house or shop to showcase the cakes for sale. Other places to supply to are supermarkets, shops, traders, hawkers etc.

To be prosperous in cupcake business, make sure you continue making delicious and lovely cupcakes.

Always make sure you meet up with every demand. Be steady in the business continue in learning new inventions, instructions, designs and baking ways.

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How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria

Restaurant business in Nigeria

Restaurant business, how profitable? Restaurant business in Nigeria is extremely profitable because food is regarded as the main basic need of man amongst shelter and clothing. Whether you are fasting or busy you will still eat after all so nobody can escape not eating food.

Because of the rush in life many people cannot spare time to cook, some can’t even create time to go to the market to buy foodstuff not to talk of cooking. For most individuals it is because of the nature of their occupation while others is because they are just lazy.

Buying of already prepared food from Buka cuts across all grade both married, singles, students etc., and we have quite a number of them that form aje butter there are numerous names given to food business like: restaurant, food vendors, mama put. Buka and joint, eatery. Canteen. The way it functions defines the name.

Restaurant business has been existing right from ancient time but because of the rise in information and sophistication it has been taken to another level.

Things needed to Start Restaurant Business in Nigeria

  • Space
  • Utensils (pots, kettles, frying pan etc.)
  • Cutlery (spoons, forks, knife etc.)
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Table mats
  • Hand towel
  • Toothpick/container
  • Containers for spices: ground pepper, garlic, salt etc.
  • Soap
  • Stove or gas cooker
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Buckets
  • Bowls
  • Scapula
  • Fan/Air conditioner
  • Television or radio

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Requirement for Restaurant Business in Nigeria


It is ideal to situate your restaurant in a visible and populated area. You can establish it in a marketplace, school environment, motor park, office area especially where many offices are located example banks. Others are commercial centers, institutions etc.


There is need to rent or get a shop in accordance to the type of restaurant business you are setting and the capital at your disposal. If it is executive restaurant you can get a big and spacious shop so that you can arrange the chairs in a manner that they won’t be too close to each other.

If you have visited a buka before, you will have to squeeze yourself to pass a table to your own, and this is what many people frown at. You need a store in your shop where you will be keeping washed equipment’s and foodstuffs.

A space for washing of utensils should be separated from where prepared foods are kept and a canter should be constructed for your customers to place order and pick the foods by themselves.


You must have reasonable sum of money at hand before beginning your buka and joint business. Sew your cloth according to the size of your cloth, that’s actually an adage that makes sense big time.

Start with what you have and grow it or get a loan. Before acquiring loans, map out your restaurant business strategy after taking feasibility study in restaurants around your area. A different way of acquiring capital is to request from friends and family.

Even if you are beginning your eatery business for individuals to manage for you, there is need to have to acquire knowledge on how the business is done. It will help you know what to expect and what it entails. Go to a restaurant that is viable and get some training or you employ qualified caterer and smartly learn from them.

Employ Good Hands

One of the things that will retain people patronizing your restaurant is when you serve delicious meals. Hire at least a caterer to be in charge of the cooking then employ other hands to help in both the cooking and serving. Like i said earlier restaurant business is very demanding, you can’t do it all by yourself except when you just started or when you have few targeted audience.

Naturally, people are attracted to good things and nice environment. Set up your buka and joint business in an organize way. The environment should be neat and smell good. You will not want people to be fighting with flies while eating. If possible, sew uniforms for your staff: apron and hair coven

Cleanliness is said to be next to godliness so take this very serious in your canteen business.

Foods To Cook

  • Rice and stew
  • Jollof rice
  • Coconut rice
  • Fried rice
  • Plantain pottage or fried
  • Beans • Eba and soap
  • Pounded yam and soup
  • Semo and soup or stew
  • Moi moi

Make various dishes like amala, ekpang nkukwo, edikang ikong soup, white soup, ohia soup, gbegiri, miea nkuker, twoo etc. Trade other things like mixed drinks, snacks, water, boiled eggs, fried meat, chicken and so on.


Commence your restaurant business today don’t wait until you have much money. You can begin from your home then upgrade as you enlarge.

These are guidelines that will enhance your business, make it outstanding and attract more customers to you are:

  • Neatness
  • Good food
  • Price
  • Good customer care
  • Availability
  • Serve hot food

People should not come and be waiting for food to be ready. Wake up on time and cook the foods. You and your staffs ought to be friendly to customers, people love such places. The price should be cheap so that you can attract more customers. The more the customers the more money you get.

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