How To Start a Coffee Shop Business

Coffee shop business is one of the businesses that have the potential of increasing your bank account on a daily basis but some many people are not aware of this that is why we have few people running the business. Some persons feel the business is alien to this part of the world as such such it wont attract good patronage Coffee shop business strives very well in the western world because of their weather. But now times are changing as many things are done by reason of sophistication. People drink coffee for many reasons

  1. Some for weight loss
  2. To stay awake
  3. for taste
  4. for smartness
  5. for memory retention
  6. To promote brain functioning

Coffee is a seed gotten form coffee tree or shrub. We have many farmers here in Nigeria who are into coffee farming but we fail to add value to it rather we take delight in exporting the seeds and importing them back as finished products. We are rich in Africa and the earlier we know how to utilize our resources, the better for us.

How To Start Coffee Shop Business

Don’t get your fingers burnt you need to have a good knowledge of how the business run don’t assume things. Make a trial coffee tea drink at home to know how well you can mix the ingredients and the quantity to use for a full cup. If there is a coffee shop close to you, go there and see how they run things how much they charge for a cup of tea and the best product to use or what customers like the most.


For a coffee shop business to blossom, a good location is needed. You have to look for a place that high class and average earners are concentrated because these set of people are the ones that will promote your business. They will render good patronage and the shop needs to be in an open environment where it can easily be sighted.

A different place to start a coffee shop is in the higher institutions like the university environment etc. students who have early morning lectures and the ones reluctant to prepare food in the morning will patronize you. Motor parks either public or private are not a bad place for the business. So many travellers leave their homes very early without eating and will gladly have their breakfast in a close by coffee shop.


The capital needed for coffee shop business is not huge as it is a business you can start with a small amount of money. Once you secure a place or building you want to use for the shop, others are something you can afford. Every business should be started on a small scale for experience sake  before going into large scale. As a small scale entrepreneur, you can start alone then when more mouths are added you can employ competent hands to help you in the business.

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Materials needed for coffee shop business

  • Beverages coffee
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Bags of tea


  • Kettle
  • Mugs
  • Cups
  • Plate
  • Pot
  • Fork
  • Source of fire (stove, gas cooker, electric stove)

How to set up your coffee shop

Set up your coffee shop I a modern way, make the place airy as you can install AC or fan in other to make it a relaxation spot. Arrange beautiful and attractive chairs and tables if you have the money tile the floor and paint the building with a good colour, plant natural flowers, add artistic works and get a nice scenting perfume to make your customers feel comfortable because an average Nigerian needs a cossy, serene and attractive environment. Use current utensils that are beautiful, distinct your coffee shop from others by the equipments you use. The way you set your tea shop will command the caliber of people that patronize you. People who love hanging out with their spouses and friends will choose yours over and if the place is spacious and well furnished, offices will bring their board meetings to your shop.

Why you should start coffee shop business

  • It is easy to start
  • Coffee shop business is not saturated
  • It is lucrative
  • The capital required for starting is small
  • It is a business a student can do e.g. unemployed
  • The materials and equipment to use can be seen around
  • Other businesses can be added to it such as indomie food.


Every business has a challenge. The major challenge of a Coffee shop is weather. When the weather is too hot, you may have low patronage but that can be addressed when you add cold fruit juice business to it. Also the business thrives very well in the morning so you have to wake up on time in other not to miss your customers. Not having a business idea will make you lose the money invested in the business. Get grained or make researches before you start and write a business plan for your coffee shop. An adage says anyone who doesn’t make plan, plans to fail so trade wisely.

In conclusion, business these days is all about packaging. Hence package your coffee shop in such a way that it becomes appealing. Serve hot freshly and make sandwiches on a daily basis.

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