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How To Start Black Palm Kernel Oil Business Anywhere In Nigeria And Make Profit



black palm kernel oil

Black palm kernel oil differs from palm oil. Red palm oil is gotten from palm fruits while black palm kernel oil is made from kernel nuts of palm trees. It is assumed to have supernatural power that is why most people in the village will apply it on their children mainly at night in other to shut out witches.

I recall in my growing up days we will select a good number of shelled kernel nuts from the bush and crack it for our mother to process black palm kernel oil. Then it was rare not to see a family without black palm kernel oil as it was the only cream known to some people. It is impossible for one not to know when the oil is being processed because the nutty scent that comes out of it will fill the air which can be choky until the production ends.

Besides using kernel for oil it served as snacks too. In my primary school days we will go to the bush during break period to crack some nuts for lunch. Others bring theirs from home.

The production of homemade black palm kernel oil is simple and straight forward not like red palm oil that is very hectic to produce. The oil is really good for the wellbeing of the skin and hair. You can combine black palm kernel oil with other oil types such as Shea butter, coconut oil, to get a perfect glowing skin and hair.

Black palm kernel oil is gotten from burning of kernel nuts. It has lots of importance just like palm oil and vegetable oil & it is not common as the two. It is mostly produced for personal or family use.

Black oil is left for old women who produce and sell them in little quantity in the village at an inexpensive rate. Maybe there are, but I have not seen a company that produces black palm kernel oil in large quantities. when compared to vegetable oil and red palm oil.


Our fore fathers used this oil in treating numerous illnesses and for general body preservation. Black palm kernel oil has some moral & maybe superstitious beliefs surrounding it.

For instance:

  • Some people believe that for it to be potent then it has to be prepared by an elderly woman who is a widow and is no more menstruating
  • While others say if you rub the oil all over your body it will drive away evil spirits.

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Amidst these believes is the fact that the oil is still working powerfully same way as in the past. The challenge now is that we follow a new style of fashion, technique and overlooked the very essence of nature.

  • Some people believe that for it to be potent then it has to be prepared by an elderly woman who is a widow and is no more menstruating
  • While others say if you rub the oil all over your body it will drive away evil spirits.

Most of the creams and soaps we apply today are actually produced with black palm kernel oil, used as the major ingredient. If the creams that have undergone severally processes are working this much how much more the raw oil.

In this article, you will be taught how to make hand-made and industrial black palm kernel oil & its benefits.


You can purchase un-shelled palm kernel nuts. But if you want to process them from start to finish: then

  • get oil palm fruits,
  • put the fruits in the pot and add water enough to get it done,
  • When soft pound them in mortar, press to bring out red oil or use a milling machine to separate the oil and the seed
  • wash and dry the shelled nuts under the sun or dryer to dry welt so that the nuts can come out whole when cracked
  • Crack the nuts with stones or hammer. You can use machine to crack them if you have one or take them to the millers to use their machine to break them for a fee.


  1. Dry the kernel nuts under the sun for some days. Until you see oil coming out of the nuts (optional) but that is how we do it in our village. When the nuts are well dried the oil will come out plenty and fast.
  2. Place a big pot on fire according to the quantity of the nut and allow it to dry.
  3. Pour the nuts inside the pot (only nuts no water or oil added). It won’t be long oil will start coming out with a natural nutty smell that is nice to some people and repulsive to others.
  4. Keep stirring the nuts with rod intermittently until the smoke coming out of it becomes choking. Or until the nuts are somehow burnt.
  5. Bring it down and decant.
  6. Allow it to cool down then you filter them into containers. You can use the kernel remains as a source of fire.


Mechanical preparation is the usage of a machine. The machine can also be used in processing other nuts e.g. coconut.


  1. Select impurities out from the un-shelled nuts so they don’t damage the machines.
  2. Break the nuts to smaller sizes for flaking,
  3. Roll the flakes several times to reduce them the more.
  4. Convey them to the steaming place to cook the flakes.
  5. Screw press the flakes to separate the oil from the cake.
  6. Store the oil and dispose the cake.

Importance Of Black Palm Kernel Oil To The Skin And Hair

  • Protects skin from severe and harsh weather.
  • Restore skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles.
  • Good skin moisturizer
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Use in soothing scalp
  • A natural hair conditioner: encourages hair growth.
  • It can inhibit some types of cancer because of the presence of tocotrienols
  • Good for vascular issues
  • It controls cough when used at an early stage.
  • Unlike palm oil, black palm kernel oil has less saturated fat & it is rich in lauric acid which aids in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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How To Celebrate Christmas Holiday Alone



How To Celebrate Christmas Holiday Alone

Christmas time is regularly linked with family and being together with loved ones. Though, for different reasons you may at times find yourself spending Christmas alone. On this post we will view how to celebrate Christmas holiday alone.

There are numerous ways to interest yourself and enjoy the day from exploring the town alone to going out and you’ll discover a holiday alone astonishingly entertaining.

How To Celebrate Christmas Holiday Alone

  1. Decorate for Christmas.

While it may seem uncommon to beautify when by yourself, it is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and lift your mood. Mount your tree, place adornments round the house, and twine up a chaplet or two.

  1. Get a Gift for yourself.

If there something you’ve wanted for a while that you’ve been unsure to get it, display a little in the spirit of the season. Spoil yourself with a luxurious item you would not normally purchase to celebrate the season

  1. Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Treats On Your Own.

You must not miss your favorite holiday’s meals and treats just because you’re spending the day on your own. A few days before Christmas, go shopping and purchase ingredients to make some of your favorites.

  1. Recall Past Holidays.

Go through old photos or any mementos you have from previous Christmas celebration. Even if you can’t be with your family or friends, you can delight in the recollections you had from previous Christmas together

While recalling, try calling your loved ones to say hello and talk about your previous Christmas celebrations together.

  1. Send Christmas Cards Or Christmas Emails

This is a great way to feel connected with people, even if you can’t be there yourself. Get Christmas cards, write letters and beautify them wishing those you love a merry Christmas.

  1. Do Some Crafts

If you have craft materials available, try enjoying yourself by doing some holiday crafts all by yourself. You can create gifts for loved ones or make little decorations for your own home. Crafts can be very relaxing and also keep you busy while you’re home by yourself.

  1. Catch Up On Reading

Some people have Christmas day off. If you have a decent book you’ve abandoned, bring it out and study it on Christmas day or you can try read some short stories because at times you comprehend short stories quicker than you can in a novel.

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  1. Spoil Yourself.

Do something crazy for the day that you wouldn’t usually take time to do, As everybody else is being a little indulgent for the day and don’t feel awkward spoiling yourself.

  1. Go For A Walk.

Going for a walk within your area can be entertaining on Christmas Day. Numerous houses will be decorated for the season and there will be less population or traffic.

  1. Volunteer For The Day.

When you step out and do something for people, it might lift your spirits. Locate any local organization or churches that are searching for helpers on Christmas day and spend the day in the company of others.

  1. Visit Restaurants

Not every restaurant is closed for Christmas. If you locate a restaurant that is operating, treat yourself to a meal alone. Carry a book high back and delight in a quiet dinner or lunch.

  1. Attend A Religious Service.

Attend a service on Christmas day as this can help prompt you as to why the day is significant and give you some verses to ponder upon. You will also be able to relate with other worshipers, which can lift your mood if you’re feeling down

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How to Begin Fish Farming Business In Nigeria



How to Begin Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

Fish farming is the raising of water creatures including fish, shellfish, mollusks and aquatic plants with human involvement to improve efficiency. On this post you will learn how to begin fish farming business in Nigeria .

Whether you’re planning to begin small scale fish farming or a huge profitable fish farming business here are guidelines you must adhere to

How to Begin Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

1. Obtain A Good Site

You must choose if you’re beginning your fish business on a major or small scale. If you’re beginning on a small scale, you can choose to start at your backyard with a tank but if it’s major you may need to purchase or rent one or few fish ponds outside your home.

2. Acquire A Clean Source Of Water

What we humans consider as good water is not what fishes consider as good water. We can drink treated water but such water might be toxic to the fish as a result of the substances used to treat the water for human consumption.

The size of your intended fish farm controls the quantity of water needed. If you’re starting a small scale fish business, you may be at ease with a nearby well but if you’re starting fish farming as a big business venture, then you’ll need well or bore hole

3.  Choose The Right Fish Pond

Just like humans, fishes need relaxed place to dwell. The more normal and comfy the pond is, the healthier for them. Fish ponds are of several sizes and their cost differ depending on your location and want.

What you should do is to step out, locate fish farms nearby, visit fish feeds seller. Visit skilled bricklayers and ask questions which will be useful to you in that environment, since they are in the vicinity.

4. Decide The Right Type Of Fish To Farm

There are hundreds of species in the fish family.
this means you as a potential fish farmer have to select the kind you want as you’re beginning your own fish farming business. Nevertheless, you’re likely to be fine with common types grown in your area.

5. Get Healthy Juveniles

Juveniles are little fishes you’ll need to grow to table-size. Ensure you go for a trustworthy fish hatchery to avoid getting unhealthy juvenile. There are fish farmers that focus in producing fingerlings and trading juveniles.

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6. Select The Correct Fish Feeds.

When feeding your fish both quality and quantity must be taken care of. Feed them properly with quality fish feed. There are three means of food for fishes.

  • Natural fish feed. This is located naturally in the pond and it comprise; detritus, bacteria, plankton, worms, insects, snails, aquatic plants and fish
  • Supplementary fish feed. This usually includes reduced materials locally obtainable like terrestrial plants, kitchen wastes or agricultural by-products. Supplementary feed may be decent, but they are not for serious fish farmer
  • Complete feed. This is a fish feed cautiously made which contains decent element and nutrients, made by the professionals who comprehend the faultless method for fishes at various stage.

7. Begin Advertising Your Fishes Before They Are Developed.

Most people who are starting fish farming business in Nigeria are making the error of assuming that the market is already there while it is not. You should to begin advertising your fish, even before they are developed.

8. Be Business Minded

Most would-be fish farmers reason “it’s only about nurturing the fish and selling them” but they are mistaken. Fish farming is a business and if you must thrive in this project, you must tackle it as a serious business.

9. Fish Nutrition

Fish needs a balanced diet to grow well. A balanced diet is one that contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates & vitamins and in the adequate proportion. It is vital to know what your fish needs when purchasing any fish feed.

  • Protein

Protein necessities for smaller fish are advanced than for larger fishes. It is not wise for fish farmers to use high protein as it may be lost to the environment. Fresh protein is transformed to ammonia and defecated as urea, creating contamination to the water.

  • Fats

Fats are vital high-energy nutrients that supply about double the energy as proteins and carbohydrates. Fats usually contain 8-12% of fish diets.

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are vital basic of fish feed as they give energy. In addition, starch is important in the extrusion manufacturing of floating feed. The extrusion way makes it more physically obtainable to fish.

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How To Begin Logistics Business In Nigeria



How To Begin Logistic Business In Nigeria

Logistics business is a type of business that has to do with procurement, delivery, list, repairs, and replacement of personnel materials. In this post we’ll be learn how to begin logistics business in Nigeria.

Logistics business includes getting merchandises and facilities from a dealer or producer to a client. It is different from setting up a courier company & virtually all the Ecommerce stores rely on logistics for active delivery.

That is why when you hear that a specific online store is reducing staffs it is mostly in the area of dispatch deliveries. This can be obvious with the way the rebuild their organizations.

Tools For Logistics Business

  • Cargo bike
  • Mobile phone
  • Space
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Notepad
  • Objects for keeping archives
  • Delivery box

How To Begin Logistics Business In Nigeria

Think through these things:

  • Capital
  • Space
  • Social media
  • Dispatch riders
  • Business plan
  • license

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Logistics business requires a reasonable amount of money for the acquisition of equipment’s and for man power but with ₦400,000 you can commence the business. ₦360,000 can buy a decent bike and fitted out with plastic container for the goods conveyance.

Bike is very suitable for logistics business because it can simply move around road traffic than a car would have done. Undergo a complete indemnity on the bike to prevent circumstances in case of eventuality.

Dispatch Bike Rider

After the bike, the rider is another most important person to consider. Because without a good rider, logistic business will fold.

  • The rider should be someone who knows the corners and crannies of the area to be operated.
  • Must be someone who is willing to work and have moral conducts together with phone protocols.
  • Hence he will be dealing on money and other products, he must be very truthful.


Phone is required for communication with the clients. So provide the rider a phone to make contact with the clients and to also reach you when the need arises.


You can begin from the luxury of your home, but to make it formal and serious you can obtain a space for it and hire one or two persons for assistance.

Social Media

Use social media platform to gain more ecommerce stores and online sellers. Use Facebook, Instagram, twitter and website to inform the audience concerning your logistics business so that people seeking for your type of services can simply locate you.

Business Plan

Endeavour to sketch a business plan for your delivery business. It should consist of parts to cover, amount to begin with and estimate for that which is yet to come.

Challenges Of Logistics Business

Aspects that affect ecommerce deliveries are:

  • Individuals make orders for what they don’t desire or change their minds about it. And will refuse to take your calls when you have arrived their location. Thus wasting your time, fuel & money.
  • Various clients are arrogant. They will say to you that the piece you brought is not exactly with what the saw online so for that reason, you can’t have your money because they will refuse to pay.
  • Pointless delays from some of the customers when you go for deliveries which may result to less delivery objective for the day.

To get license to commence logistics business you need State Government. But when you want to begin a courier business you have to get license from Nipost. The money for logistics license is just a few thousand while that of courier is in millions.

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