How To Start Cupcake Business Anywhere And Make Reasonable Profit

How To Start Cupcake Business Anywhere And Make Reasonable Profit

Cupcake is one lucrative business to startup in Nigeria, because it is a snack loved by many especially the children. Cupcakes are made inside cups & it has the same ingredients with the big cake and the preparation is same.

The difference is on the size and the container used. It is also called queens cake so I will be using the two names in this post. You may not necessarily need a shop at the start of this business: this is because it is a business you can start from home.

Queen cakes are mostly produced for marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, coronation, thanks giving services, sendoff parties etc.

What is making cupcake business a hotcake is because people who are into it are not many as such demand keeps on out weighing supplies. You may think all the fast food are producing these wonderful snacks but only few do.

In this article you will be presented a guide on how to start delicious cupcake that will keep you in this business.

How To Start Cupcake Business

Before you start a cupcake business you will have to get training , buy equipment, identify your target market etc.

Get Trained

Just like any other business you will have to get training on how to produce quality cupcakes from a professional,. Good enough you can easily get one because confectionary experts are easy to locate. Some even organize seminars for registered persons. Making cupcake is easy and it is one of the few things you can start on your own by studying online just like in this post.

Identity Your Target Market

Please don’t even start without first identifying your target market or point of sale. It is very fine to sit at home and presume that it will sale anyhow once taken to the market: but it doesn’t work this way.

Move around markets, shops, schools, places of worship and other likely places that you may supply to and introduce your business if possible bake a few pieces give them as sample.

If the taste is good they will be the ones ordering for your queens cake. It is a good thing to have where to supply immediately after production, it will encourage you to press on.

Buy Equipments

You should be able to gather money to buy the equipment for the cupcake business Without these equipment you cannot start except you rent them. And why will you choose renting for a business you want to sustain. The money for the equipment is not much and you can even cut down cost by using pot and fire in place of oven.


  • Baking pan
  • Queens cups
  • Oven/aluminum pot
  • Gas, stove or electric
  • Egg whisker
  • Wire rack
  • Spoons

Recipe For A Dozen Cup Cake

  • Flour 250g
  • Butter 250g
  • Sugar 150g
  • Egg 5
  • Salt 1 teaspoon
  • Flavour 1 teaspoon
  • Preservative 1 teaspoon

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  • Pre-heat oven
  • Sift the flour into a big bowl, add baking powder and salt
  • Beat margarine and sugar together with a wooden spoon (spatula) or you use a cake mixer to mince them together until it becomes light and fluffy
  • Pour in your beaten egg in the fluffy butter mixture and blend it very well.
  • Add flour and continue mixing
  • Fold in your flour to the mixture and thoroughly mix
  • Add milk and preservative and stir until the batter has a dropping consistency
  • Pour the mixture (batter) into the greased pans. If paper cups are used then there is no need to grease them. Shake it lightly to distribute the cake mixture evenly. Place the cups on a large baking tray and place them in the centre of the oven
  • Bake for about 15-20 minutes. Touch the surface with your finger tip to see if it will spring back. Bring out the tins from the oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes. Remove it from the cups and package for sale.

How To Bake Queens Cake With Pot


  1. Use a clean baking pan in other to get a larger surface: line up the cake pans with baking sheets or you grease the cup with little margarine and dust with flour so as to make the cakes come out easily after baking.
  2. Place the cupcakes on top of the overturned baking pan and over do not open the pot while baking in other not to make the cake collapse.

Once the cake is done the aroma will fill the air. The colour will turn brown when it is ready if you dip something like toothpick in it without stain after bringing out you bring it down.

Marketability/How To Succeed In Cupcakes Business

You should be able to make cake that can be used for both indoors and outdoors ceremonies. Print flyers and distribute them around your neighborhood.

If possible get a sign post erected in front of your shop or house: so clients can walk in to do business with you. You can start by producing for family, friends, neighbors and colleagues if your cake is good they will advertise it for you.

Find institutes, guesthouses, restaurants, fast food joint you can be distributing to.

Also keep a show glass in front of your house or shop to showcase the cakes for sale. Other places to supply to are supermarkets, shops, traders, hawkers etc.

To be prosperous in cupcake business, make sure you continue making delicious and lovely cupcakes.

Always make sure you meet up with every demand. Be steady in the business continue in learning new inventions, instructions, designs and baking ways.

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