How To Start Selling Baby Products In Nigeria

Nigeria has a huge market for selling of baby products ranging from baby clothes, baby shoes, toys, diapers, antenatal things and many other products that is attributed to children. There are many opportunities for the state of baby things in Nigeria. The figure of children born in Nigeria each year is huge. In 2016 5.2 million babies were born into Nigeria according to a source. And the number has been increasing ever since. The increasing rate of population in Africa is such that in many years to come we will be counting 30 billion.

Look around you how many people have given birth so far since the year began? This should tell you there is market for baby products business. Not just an ordinary market but that, which will be maintained with growth extension. You can visit hospital in your location on antenatal day to see things for yourself; you will be amazed at the number of pregnant women in attendance.

Yeah! Children are the heritage of the Lord beautiful to behold that is why every parent wants the best for them. And especially mothers will go a long way to add color and beauty to their appearance so much more in a period of class and competition. That is why many people want to outdo each other in style and demeanor on social media with kids or family photos.

With all of these more and more money is pumped into baby products purchase. Funny enough this sector is yet to be saturated, maybe, because many don’t know how lucrative the sale of baby things are and others don’t know where to buy baby products for sale. You will find all of these in this one and all post.

How To Start Selling Baby Products In Nigeria

Rent a shop

Looking for baby products is very flexible in that you can start from your home. But for those who want to rent shops you should look for a strategic place such as market, close to a supermarket, motor parks, hospital environment etc. where your shop can be sighted by everyone.

Locate where to buy products

For a start you can be buying from whole sellers around you but make sure you identify where you can be buying the products in bulk. When you know where to buy all your baby items it will make things a lot easier for you.

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Choose a niche

You can choose what to sell, it can be baby accessories and cosmetics, fairly used clothes and shoes, toys, bicycle, new products with brands, pampers and pants or mixed products.


People who might be questioning, ‘How profitable is selling of baby things in Nigeria’? The business is very profitable although there is no much profit in some single items but repeated sells and overturn is what make the business fantastic. Assuming you make #500 profits for only baby bath and make #100 for other 100 items that means in a day you should be making not less than #10,000. This is possible depending on the location especially if you are in a place where there are many young producing age and average to high income earners.

Countries to Buy Baby Things

Depending on how you want to start whether to be buying from other countries then consider which market or country wares you want to sell. Some of the countries are: China, USA, U.K. Turkey, Poland, Italy Dubailndia etc.

Where to Buy Baby Products in Nigeria

The main place to buy many things in Nigeria is Lagos because there are many importers of baby products into Nigeria. People from other states go to Lagos to buy what the need for wholesale or retail if you need Where to buy new born stuffs in Lagos, go to Lagos Island, Idomota you will purchase all babies at cheap rate. To buy in wholesale go to Dosummu market for excellent and outstanding products go to Alade market in Allen Avenue. Tejuosho market.

Things to Sell

Babies soft shoes, baby stockings, babies food, children school bags, baby sterilizer, warmer, towels, oil, bath, baby bibs, baby sleep, suit, the short sleeve sells faster, kiddies EducationaVPlayground toys ranging from, swings, slides, kids playground fence. Crib, mittens, caps, stuff toys, feeding bottles, safety equipment’s. Bedding’s, toiletries, Bonnie Jeans, shawl, sleep suit, body suit, rubber napkin/paint, bookies, short knickers, tops, wipes, amnesia powder, tooth bush, breast pump, hot water flask, baby cot, cloth drawer, baby nest, trolley, cloth peg, washing machine, nursing bras, sanitary pad, nightingale towel, tissue, pajamas, slippers, spirit, baby pusher, baby cup and spoon, handkerchief, olive oil, Cotton wool, silver bird, hair comb, laundry basket, outing bag etc.

How to Selling Baby Products

You can sell it to people from office to office or house to house but those people can own you tire. The good thing is that you can triple the price so that the year they pay, you had not run out of business. Another place to take to is hospitals especially on antenatal and postnatal days. You can also sell via mobile shop.

Sell in a shop: for me this is the most preferred. Get a shop let be people come to you it will save you a lot of stress. It will make you to understand your customers need and work towards satisfying heir demands.


The sale of Babies product is a good business idea because every minute babies are born creating chances to make money from sales. Example: powder, soap, pampers, shoes, new clothes, Lotion. Cream, strollers, car seat, walkers, blackest Baby cosmetics and accessories business

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