How TO Treat Pot Belly Naturally

Sometime ago, this part of the world we live in once considered any man with a pot belly as successful and prosperous. Then when you tell somebody that his tummy is protruding, he will be so happy and flaunt it for people to see. But now it has turn to a thing of concern because it doesn’t give someone a good shape, it is weighty for others and makes you awkward in the midst of people with flat tummy.

Having pot belly can be risky to health this is because excess fat around the abdomen (Visceral fat) can result in

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Heart disease,
  • High blood pressure

Pot belly will not allow clothes fit your body and if you are the type who uses public transport, you will suffer more because you will occupy more space that will inconvenient others and you won’t like people’s response. There are many ways to get rid of pot belly such as controlling what you eat and exercises etc. but before you start dieting and exercising, you have to remove the already existing pot belly naturally.

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Causes Of Pot Belly

 Excessive Alcohol

Some people address others with pot belly as beer belly. Accumulation of excess fat as a result of too much intake of alcohol consistently will protrude the belly. Research shows that alcohol contains no other thing but empty calories that are stored around the stomach.

Eating too much carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is good as it is one of the six classes of food that must be added to make it balance. However some foods are considered bad e.g. cakes, white bread etc. good carbohydrate are fruits, vegetables and some nuts. When you eat too much of unrefined carbs your insulin will rise and metabolism will slow down. The excess sugar your body cannot use will be stored as fat called pot belly. Bad carbs are whole grains and other unrefined carbohydrates.


Excessive stress will impact negatively on your body. It will make your body to progress survival mode. To survive the body will store more fat just in case of starvation. Ladies with greater stress are likely to to have pot belly. Stress makes the body produce excessive stresstisol which stores fat around the abdomen causing belly fat.


Pot belly may be as a result of genetics and one can do little to prevent it

Sedentary lifestyle

This is living a life of not exercising. It will expose you to health challenges and may lead to untimely death. You can prevent it by moving most of the time. There are people who cannot walk from one pole to another. They enter a car to the office; sit in an air conditioned office, then enter a car back home and sit in front of the television after food until the person sleeps off. Some think walking is low life as such job from one taxi drop to another. All these are contributory factors to pot belly.




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