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How TO Treat Pot Belly Naturally

pot belly

Sometime ago, this part of the world we live in once considered any man with a pot belly as successful and prosperous. Then when you tell somebody that his tummy is protruding, he will be so happy and flaunt it for people to see. But now it has turn to a thing of concern because it doesn’t give someone a good shape, it is weighty for others and makes you awkward in the midst of people with flat tummy.

Having pot belly can be risky to health this is because excess fat around the abdomen (Visceral fat) can result in

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Heart disease,
  • High blood pressure

Pot belly will not allow clothes fit your body and if you are the type who uses public transport, you will suffer more because you will occupy more space that will inconvenient others and you won’t like people’s response. There are many ways to get rid of pot belly such as controlling what you eat and exercises etc. but before you start dieting and exercising, you have to remove the already existing pot belly naturally.

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Causes Of Pot Belly

 Excessive Alcohol

Some people address others with pot belly as beer belly. Accumulation of excess fat as a result of too much intake of alcohol consistently will protrude the belly. Research shows that alcohol contains no other thing but empty calories that are stored around the stomach.

Eating too much carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is good as it is one of the six classes of food that must be added to make it balance. However some foods are considered bad e.g. cakes, white bread etc. good carbohydrate are fruits, vegetables and some nuts. When you eat too much of unrefined carbs your insulin will rise and metabolism will slow down. The excess sugar your body cannot use will be stored as fat called pot belly. Bad carbs are whole grains and other unrefined carbohydrates.


Excessive stress will impact negatively on your body. It will make your body to progress survival mode. To survive the body will store more fat just in case of starvation. Ladies with greater stress are likely to to have pot belly. Stress makes the body produce excessive stresstisol which stores fat around the abdomen causing belly fat.


Pot belly may be as a result of genetics and one can do little to prevent it

Sedentary lifestyle

This is living a life of not exercising. It will expose you to health challenges and may lead to untimely death. You can prevent it by moving most of the time. There are people who cannot walk from one pole to another. They enter a car to the office; sit in an air conditioned office, then enter a car back home and sit in front of the television after food until the person sleeps off. Some think walking is low life as such job from one taxi drop to another. All these are contributory factors to pot belly.



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How To Run Fast: Here Are 15 Ways To Run Faster

Do you desire to learn how to run fast like the eight time Olympic champion Usain Bolt? Then this article is for you. The most fastest runner is still as natural as we all are, but there is much work to be done in order to keep himself fit and in top shape.

There are quite a number of steps you can follow to run faster, win that competition or probably set a new record.

Here are 15 practical ways on how to run fast

1. Practice the right technique

One key that can help you run faster is when you begin to use the right technique consistently. You need to keep the upper part of your body stretched while you are relaxed, swinging your both arms back and forward and not side ways at a 90  degree angle.

2. Practice space training

Do you have less time in gym? Try training periodically. This involves doing your exercises within high and low intensity intervals. This methods helps you to build endurance and speed and also burn major calories in a short time.

3. Engage in Sprint

real runners engage in short sprinting before they move over to the big thing. They do this for a reason. This technique improves their acceleration and speed.

4. Stretch Yourself Daily

Daily stretch has proven to be of great help to athletes and anyone desiring to improve their speed when it comes to running. This daily activity ensures your body is flexible for better strides.

6. Step Up And Increase Your Pace

It’s time to step up up your game. Set a goal and be sure you adhere strictly to it. Don’t remain on the same pace, increase and do more.

7. Use Rope Jump

Add this workout to your daily routine. The rope jump workout helps your feet and increases the speed as your step up your pace consistently.

Other Tips Include:

8. Go for shoes that are light.

9. Work out on your core muscles, particularly the lower abs. This helps you build greater force while running.

10. Your breathing must change. The diaphragm needs to be filled with air not chest. Engage and use your mouth and nose to inhale and exhale enough oxygen into the muscles.

11. Avoid junk foods and sweets. eat whole grains before you engage in running. This will provide you with energy.

12. Get Enough rest.

13. Start weightlifting.

14. Consult a professional for a proper weight loss program.

15. Believe in Yourself and Look Forward.
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How To Lower Eye Pressure By Eating Bitter-Kola

How To Lower Eye Pressure By Eating Bitter-Kola

Chewing bitter kola will decrease intraocular pressure in the eyes of healthy young adults by 21 per cent and this may be beneficial to persons with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), which is a very normal form of glaucoma or ocular hypertension in low-income settings, a study has proven. This post talks more about how to lower eye pressure by eating bitter-kola

In recent study, researchers evaluated the consequence of consuming bitter kola on intraocular pressure (IOP) in 46 healthy individuals aged between 19 and 27 years at the Optometry Clinic of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. They were enlisted from the University of Cape Coast student population and shared into two teams (A and B).

Team A carried 100 mg/kg body weight of bitter kola that was crushed and melted in a 200 ml of water on their first arrival and Team B swallowed 200 ml of water. On the next arrival, the directive of treatment was switched. The IOP was measured at starting point and each 45 minutes intermission for 135 minutes.

How To Lower Eye Pressure By Eating Bitter-Kola

The dose of 100 mg/kg taken in this research is equal to 5.0 to 9.6 grams of bitter kola and it drops in the regular ingestion of two nuts of bitter kola. This dose is considered to be harmless because other scientists had speculated that high doses (400 mg/kg) of bitter kola can be poisonous to human body part and may result to liver damage and peptic ulcer.

They had a starting position IOP scale of between 11 and 24 mmHg on both eyes, and not any of the matters was a spontaneous or usual bitter kola eater. Also, individuals with a family history of glaucoma, any eye or systemic disease, or were taking any forms of medication at the time of the study were excluded from participating in the study.

Also, families who had account of glaucoma, any eye or general illness or were receiving any form of treatment at the time of the study although omitted, were personalities that had reported sensitive responses to bitter kola, corneal irregularities or have possible risk factors for angle-closure glaucoma.

In 2020 research to determine if eating bitter kola in a dose compared to normal daily eating rate will reduce IOP particularly in healthy young adults. They discovered that the average IOP capacities reduced by 7.9, 18.2 and 20.6 percent at 45, 90 and 135 minutes, correspondingly, after bitter kola treatment.

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The reduction however flexible across the individuals was statistically important through the separate time points. Glaucoma is the major cause of permanent sightlessness globally. Its most common form primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is featured by progressive optic nerve deterioration and has an emotional impact on more than 60 million persons globally.

In Africa, glaucoma accounts for 15 per cent of sightlessness and it is the area with the maximum occurrence of sightlessness compared to other areas universally. Intraocular pressure is the only adjustable factor in patients with glaucoma; therefore, management with IOP-lowering medication has been serious to stop loss of sight.

Nevertheless, the growth of a lively natural produce that is real in lowering IOP and have little side effects that may be critical in improving glaucoma management compliance. One of such natural produce is bitter kola. It is known as ‘bitter kola’ because of its classic diverse bitter flavor.

In Africa, bitter kola is generally used for traditional welcome and functions different roles in the management of numerous sicknesses comprising coughs, colds, voice hoarseness, aphrodisiac and liver diseases. Studies have discovered that Bitter kola has blood pressure dropping effects.

It has also revealed possible usefulness for fighting infectious illnesses, including Ebola, by pausing viral duplication. Also, there is a vital scientific proof signifying that bitter kola is harmless in individuals at the average intake level. The IOP-lowering effect of smearing its water solution has been proven in both animal and mortal studies, together with a new randomized clinical trial which inspected various IOP-lowering medications.

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Anger Issues: How To Deal With Them

anger issues

A lot of people have experienced at one point or the other in their lives anger issues which may look very intoxicating and troublesome. All of us have felt anger in various degrees of our lives and often times we have tried to hide it because of its fiery intensity.

Anger is natural in every human but unfortunately, our society has perceived anger fearfully in a repressive manner and the issues that result from them are most likely devastating.

In this article we explore anger issues associated with humans and ways we can deal with them.


To deal with anger, firstly we need to evaluate how anger drives our behaviour. Does anger make you mad and crazy at your friends, children, family member and everyone around you? if yes, then go on to point number one. to deal with your anger issues you have to:


One of the great ways to heal from anger issues is to change the way you perceive the emotion anger. ANGER can be vital to us humans in it’s purest form. When anger comes up, you need to understand how to channel it to your advantage because anger can be a good emotion when we channel it properly.

I will list out ways by which anger can help us as humans below:

  • Anger can help you to regain your voice when you have felt you have none and empower you to take control of your life
  • Anger can stimulate and quicken other feelings and emotions like sadness.
  • Anger can help you take a bold decision like quiting a poor and sucking job that you never loved doing.
  • Anger can stir you up to go for what you want and improve your life.

When anger is channeled in a very healthy and mindful way, it can really help us in much more ways.

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Master the things that get you angry and deal with such situation

recognizing the signs of things that make you angry and if possible avoiding such situations can give you an edge over anger issues.

Count the numbers 1-10 exercise

When you get angry, try counting numbers in your mind,  this number count excercise can help you calm down.

Avoid Making decisions when angry

Making a decision when angry is one one of the craziest things to do, because any decision made during such emotional state is always regretted at last. So be wise to calm yourself before any decision is made

Be creative and innovative

A lot of people get inspiration when they are in a sad emotional state. So get creative, you can write a song, a book, an article to tell a story or experience.

Deal with every thought of anger

Constantly thinking on those things that made you angry will only increase the anger more and more. Let go of any thought of anger and it will help you calm down.

To be continued…..

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