Sex Inequality And Gender Inequality. What is the Interest?

Gender inequality & Sex Inequality, The world is more interested in the inequality of SEX than in the equality of GENDER.
Let us channel our interest to the equality of ability.

But what is SEX and what is GENDER?

majority think they are the same, which is why when writing a resume(CV) people will use Sex in place of Gender.
SEX is the two main division of male and female into which many organisms can be placed according to reproductive function or organs.
GENDER is the grouping of nouns and pronouns into parts like Masculine, Feminine, Neuter, or Common Gender.

With these definitions we understand that we are not equal in sex but are equal in Gender.
It is well understood that a woman was not made to have a penis but it does not say a woman cannot handle a pen just as well as a man.

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Gender Inequality

This brings me to when the whites visited Africa and wanted to educate both the male and female, because they believe in the equality of Gender, but our Men boldly told them that our women are not to be educated because they have their role to play in the kitchen, the room where they grace the bed of the men and also to reproduce.

The whites laughed at their way of thinking because they were taking order from a Queen in England at the time who was their head and also became our head directly and indirectly until independent.
Our men believe women are designed for certain jobs like Hairdressing, Makeup, Chef, dress making janitorial etc to mention but a few and they felt they are designed to be Barbers, Drivers, Managers Presidents, Governors etc to mention but a few.

Now wait! Take a minute and view our world TODAY.
Men are chefs, hairdressers, makeup artist, janitor etc. The fact that they are the masculine Gender it didn’t stop their ability from doing the things they believed was meant for the women.

What about the women, we have female president, managers, drivers, even female Barbers the fact that they are grouped into the feminine Gender it did not stop them from doing those things the men thought was their destiny.

This goes further to tell us that Gender is man made and can be changed over time just as we can see in today’s society.

Gender Inequality, The Way Out

Men work and Carter for the family so does women. Just as women head organizations and have men working under them so also men head organizations and have women working under them. Women drive buses commercially, so does men. Women head countries and so does men. Just as most men enjoy watching football and some don’t, that’s how it is with women too some play and watch football others don’t.
We can go on and on listing things we do in common, we will find out that they have nothing to do with Sex, how God made you.

This Article is not to arouse disgust, anger or insult it is to remind us that we are moving and soon we will get there, the world is changing, change is constant so we should learn to change too. Change your perspective of life, change your thoughts about your girl child, change your mind about your wife’s ability. Instead help discover the potential and use it to better your life, your family, the community and the Nation at-large.

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